Arthritis in Neck

I know it has been well documented on this site that many people have neck pain along with MAV. I had an MRI and it showed: Advanced degenerative disc disease at C4-5 with mild central canal stenosis and foraminal narrowing compressing the exiting C5 nerve roots. Advanced degenerative disc disease is a form of arthritis. I have read that it can affect blood flow to the brain and ears and cause vertigo as well as VM. I am having one of those days where i want to scream as i continue to try and find the root cause of my issues. Very dizzy today. Nortriptyline is just so, so. I am also on an anti-anxiety medication which doesn’t seem to help. You know like i do how frustrating it is when you have a good day then a bad. You can’t rely in your body. I was wondering how many people here have arthritis in their necks? Thanks,

I’m no medical expert but I wonder. My brother has severe degeneration in some discs in his back (farther down the spine) and he has had occasional vertigo. Not MAV. He’s no migraineur. Could be arthritis anyway in the spine could have same effect on blood flow to brain/ears. Helen

Yes that is what i read. I am going to talk to the Neurologic Nurse Practitioner tomorrow. This really sucks.

I do. Four car accidents and MAV. I’m slowly buying my specialist atlas orthogonal chiropractor a second home. :confused:

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Come on, Em. Be more generous. Get on with it. Before they get too old to enjoy it. Stump the cash up front and perhaps you’ll get a huge discount for the future. Go on… You know it makes sense, :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:. Helen (PS: I was main contributor for one local optician’s family holiday in Italy couple of years back, sure of it and all he did was complain how hot it was! There’s no pleasing some folks.

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I can’t step it up for just one. Then my pharmacist wouldn’t get the boat I’m buying him and my Rolfing massage therapist won’t be able to send her kids to college!

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I didn’t go to the Nurse Practicioner Neurologist. I did not feel well enough. I am making a new appointment.

Sorry John. It always sucks when you’re too sick to seek help. MAV likes irony.

I had an accident 13 years ago and have a fusion of c6-c7, when I wend for a check up 3 years ago they told me I have mild arthritis on c5 or so, but they said it was probably not related to accident, more to age. Anyway, my first thought when dizziness started was that it was related to my neck, but doctors said no. What it is for sure, is that pain-dizziness are related. Venlafaxine helped with both actually, now that I am down to 37.5 mg of venlafaxine, my neck pain came back.

Why did you titrate down?

me? because of weight gain and sweating! I am in my hometown and everybody is asking what happened to me. I gained over 20 pounds since last October, regardless of diet, exercise, etc. I hope to stop it in the next couple months. I now the last bit is the worst, so far my process hasn’t been bad at all, just long. :slight_smile:

I quit for similar reasons 3 months ago. Still waiting in the weight loss.

Some have said the neck pain is the result of the migraine. But, when i rub the back of my neck the dizziness subsides. Or when i rub around my ears it subsides. Let’s face it no one actually knows. They are all speculating. In my case only, i deduce that the neck pain is causing havoc with the ears, and the ears are telling the brain the room is spinning, the brain is saying no it isn’t and that conflict causes the headache. And why does the room spin, because it is like standing on the other side of the door when someone is trying to get in. If you let up for one second they will. And sometimes dues to stress and being tired the cerebellum is weakened and the ears win. Only a theory for me.

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Yes, I have arthritis in my neck as well as some issues with spine. I have had migraines since age 18 and MAV for about 10 years. Also Chiari type 1. My severe episode of MAV occurred in June of 2015 when I was debilitated for 10 weeks.

And MAV/VM diagnosis can we assume as well? Welcome. Helen

Not in my book. I’d say that neck pain comes from the neck being stiff because it is being kept still rather than moving freely. Either because the brain is holding it in one position to facilitate balance maybe or maybe because we have balance issues we are standing incorrectly. Back ache is much the same. When my balance is off like today, my posture is poor, my neck sticks forwards and I have a stiff painful neck and the lower part of my back feels like it could snap in half any time soon. I had a permanent painful stiff neck from when my MAV went chronic for three years, all the time I was 24/7 dizzy. Once that stopped it improved and on a day I’m symptom free, my balance is good and I’m pain free. Helen

Hi John

I’m not aware of any arthritis in my neck or problem at all but I definitely get the neck pain. For me this is usually one of the first symptoms of a nasty migraine or dizziness on the horizon! :confounded: I was diagnosed with the Basilar kind of migraine and my neuro told me neck pain is very common with this type. I have read lots of migraneurs suffer from neck pain too. I have regular massage to help relax the muscles as I work out 4 times a week also and its so important for muscle recovery. It helps with my neck stiffness

I’ve read that the pain is often a result in blood vessels being restricted in the neck too.


You ask three doctors and you get four opinions. It is maddening. I haven’t felt good in a couple of months. Instead of taking meds, i want to get to the root cause. If it is the neck then i want to address it. Hopefully, there would be other options other than surgery. Thanks to MNEK18, Onaondon03, Spenstar, Flutters, and Dizzy3 for your responses.


It’s always worth investigating but it is proves to be arthritis in the neck I don’t think there’s much can be done. I‘ve a sister-in-law just been told exactly that. Learn to live with it, they say which is OK for them, they don’t have to do it do they. Be wary of operations. I know all my neck pain and back pain comes from poor posture due to walking/sitting, moving generally incorrectly due to balance issues stemming from MAV. I’m currently proving it to myself yet again. An outing on Saturday brought on symptoms and, like an idiot, I ignored them and pushed on through Sunday until my evening my head felt about 35 lb in weight and my back about to break. Getting up out of a chair is still agony, it’s Tuesday now and I feel like a giraffe with a few slipped discs,. Apart from that I’m just fine. Do search the internet for posture tips. See how far out of alignment your body really is before spending lots of cash and doing anything drastic, Helen

I have the exact same diagnosis as far as disk effected and stenosis.