Article about migraine treatment

I was reading the news and came across this article about a women’s life changing migraine treatment. Click on the link to view the article.

this is interesting…scott what is your take on this? i have never heard of this kind of treatment and why is it not FDA approved if being conducted in USA esp since it sounds quite invasive

Is it considered a humanitarian device? FDA allows certain devices to be used under special circumstances if it is a rare procedure.

nabeel - I think this is the same type of procedure which has been available in Australia for a while. Symantha Perkins had her implant to lessen chronic migraine at the Royal North Shore Hospital in 2007. ( See link). It also works for stopping chronic pain which my sister-in-law had after a back op. She had the implant done in Melbourne last year & is back at work now. I think it has to be checked & ‘fine tuned’ avery few months. A couple of weeks ago I heard of a lass who has just had an implant procedure for chronic migraine here in Adelaide so it seems as tho it’s becoming ‘mainstream’. Has anyone asked their doc whether this procedure might work for MAV?

I’m also interested in the TMS device which is non-invasive (another device to prevent chronic pain) and seems to be getting some good results at the Walton Clinic in UK. I think KathyD said Dr Silver has suggested it as an option if the ‘GammaCore’ device wasn’t working for her. I haven’t heard that either of these devices are being tested in Australia.
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