Article from NIH. RE migraine and topiramate

Didn’t know if we had shared this one yet from the NIH. I found it interesting.

dolf - an excellent article if a tad difficult to get my head around! However, good to see that VM gets a mention & (if I’m reading this correctly) “that there is some evidences of the genetic nature of the syndrome. 60-62”. Does this mean a variant of the MTHFR gene or one of the other migraine genes? Did the reference show up somewhere in the document? I’m not very literate when it comes to medical terminology.

Citations 60-62 were as follows:

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I actually don’t know very much about the MTHFR gene–but gosh–it has a really unfortunate “name”. Every time one of you types it I have an involuntary 7th grade giggle pop into my head.

That’s what happens to people after they teach certain grade levels for several years…you regress in maturity… :roll:

Dolf, as you so kindly pointed out to my ‘innocent’ brain I now have a giggle every time I type the acronym for the migraine gene!! In fact it is very appropriate for this … condition we are dealing with.

It seems the further we dig, the more complicated it becomes. I hope, with further research, there will be treatment that can actually be directed at whatever particular gene we might have.

Hi Dolf,
Thanks very much for sharing this article. I found it very interesting and even think I understood most of it! :shock: . Love the name … lol.
I started on Topamax 6 weeks ago for VM and am still at only 50mg.s per day, struggling with some of the side effects but determined to
hang in there!
Thanks again.
Annie :smiley: