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That is interesting! x

Good article!!

Interesting article, I so feel for that woman! And I know the feeling of wanting your life back.

I too have memory problems. I know they started at work before my meltdown. At that time, I could barely remember what day it was. I have since had trouble remembering December of last year, and a couple of months ago I saw a coworker when I was at Costco (which is always a FUN thing to do) and didn’t remember her name until we had been talking for a few minutes.

Since then I have tried in my mind to go thru the faces of all my coworkers, and one gal’s name took me about a month to remember. It is so scary feels like you are slowly losing your mind.

Yerggg. “Daunting” barely begins to express it.

Popular journalism needs to run with anecdotes about individuals. Still, I wish they could have told this one woman’s story, given the stat about 20% of Britons, and then given at least brief samples of others’ experiences. I guess this is because I’m having some not-very-good days, and the story they offer is helping to bring me down. OTOH, saying so right here helps me arrest that. Hey!

This following quote is from the article. The author must be referencing TMS:

“New electronic and magnetic stimulator devices that are going through studies show particular promise.”

I very much hope that TMS pans out and provides much needed relief from migraines in a non-invasive way…


Interesting article, though the end is a bit depressing. Sounds rather hopeless, at least from this woman’s perspective…

yeah it was a bit depressing actually. It wasn’t very positive!!

I agree, slightly depressing in that she hasnt really got very far, but very interesting to learn of Alice in Wonderland syndrome, and the extent to which memory loss can present in migraine.

There is lack of info though. Like how long she has been taking meds? what meds she has tried? What diet is she on? Lifestyle changes?

Dr S told me that things normally get worse before they get better for some reason

Yes, there are some gaps. But I thought it worth posting.
I always do a jump for joy everytime any UK paper prints anything relating to migraine that marginally touches on migraine not just being about headache as it means someone who knows me might read it and understand just an incy tincy winsy bit more… sigh

OK, so HELP? I’ve been following the 10 MAV Commandments for over a year, I’m on preventatives, and feel fairly controlled. However, the lurking segment of my MAV spectrum is memory loss and confusion. I have ongoing memory episodes like this lady… good grief! Surely, something else can be tweaked?? I hope!

What meds are you on? Could they be causing memory loss too? I know topirimate has that side effect…

I went on Topiramate and Amitriptyline in 2011… both are confusion contributors. Like everyone here, it was a struggle to arrive at this working combo of medications (there are some I cannot take). While I am feeling a lot of relief these days, the significant memory events make me think I’m not as in control as I should be. I need to revisit my doc! Thanks for posting the article. Every tid-bit that helps us ask questions and pursue this thing is helpful.