As I lie on pile of ice packs..why does near hypothermian make symptoms ease?

I am migraine sufferer that worsened after a car accident head injury. Diet eased frequency a lot. I can usually head off aural and cluster with being in dark for a day. The veritgo bouts and "stomach migraines are tougher to weather. Meds can lessen but unless a knockout pill, nothing helps the vertigo but time. And a discovery this year…ice packs. I used to get nuseaous and lie on tile floors in misery regardless of witness. Noe I just surround my body with ice packs. I saty alert and able to move about in spurts as needed. I rest better. But I have to be COLD. I have had blood pressure and sugar checked often. Nothing abnormal there so it is thrown in with my migraines. Is vertigo less usual expression of migraine misery?
Does cool off help anyone else?

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I have had all my severe attacks of vertigo (and other symptoms) in the month of July when the hot weather starts here in Southern California. For several years it was aggravated by menopause which gave me hot flashes in the summer months, mainly. For my whole life I have been somewhat intolerant of heat compared to others so I definitely feel it is a trigger. My doctor has suggested that I may get dehydrated easily and not realize it. I think he is correct. I now drink 8 glasses of water (I used to count my tea and decaf but I do not now), sit in front of a fan or in air conditioning and make sure I do not get overheated with exercise. I put an ice compress on my forehead and eyes twice a day. I believe all this is helping (as well as almost totally diminished hot flashes) because it is now September 14 and I have avoided any severe attacks. Keeping cool and hydrated may have really helped. I have not taken any serious medication (Nortriptyline) since last December 6. Occasionally I take an Allegra or Nasonex. And I keep my fingers crossed. So, YES, keeping cooler helps me. Good luck to you. If you want to read more about my discoveries and symptoms, please visit me at