Aspirin seems to be fairly effective. Should I still consider Effexor? If so what will it help with?

81mg of aspirin seems to reduce my migraines. When I am very symptomatic I get a sore neck, blurry vision and minor headache. Aspirin seems to reduce this, which in turn reduces the dizziness, vertigo and other issues.

I am able to have above average (not 100% of course) days on aspirin. After 4 years of career ending dizziness and vertigo a simple aspirin seems to be my favorite drug. After about an hour my vision clears up and my dizziness becomes more tolerable. I haven’t tried it on a really bad day, but I suspect it would make me feel at least average.

I still get positional vertigo and nystagmus. However, I am not as bothered by it.

Here’s my question:

Should I still consider effexor? My mood is alright. What will it help with?

The reason for my apprehension is because I took it last year and it made me feel terrible. However, I saw Dr. Hain and he wants me to try taking 1/3 of a capsule at a time (or perhaps smaller). This was before I discovered the power of aspirin.

Am I reading you right? You just take one 81mg aspirin On an ‘as and when’ basis for acute MAV? Is that correct?

Since the neuro suggested Soluble Aspirin I’ve been reading up on aspirin. Apparently one ‘ Low dose’ aspirin over 16 weeks has been trialled successfully for a preventative as have one full dose (U/K standard 300mg) every other day or even one 300mg daily. One low dose aspirin used as an adjunct to another preventative has also proved successful. I know from checking your older posts you’ve not been able to tolerate various preventatives including Ami and Effexor so guess you’ve stopped trialling now. Might be worth checking out aspirin as a preventative. Personally I’ve been taking one 300mg a day for a couple of days and it has reduced my symptoms a lot.

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Thanks for mentioning aspirin, My wife has been wanting me to try willow bark capsules (essentially the same thing). I’ve been using ibuprofen and acetamenophine with limited, if any effect. Time to trial aspirin.

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I took a baby aspirin (81mg) for quite a while which helped. I even tried a full strength aspirin per day (325mg) for a while which seemed to be well tolerated. Also took willow bark, but I think aspirin is easier to know what dose you are getting. Doctors in the U.S. used to be fine with baby aspirin daily, but now my general doctor has warned me against it. But I think if it’s well-tolerated for people then they should take it, it looks like it has other benefits for things like cardiovascular health and cancer, although good studies are hard to find. There are warnings about stomach ulcers but I think these are quite rare. I take two regular strength aspirins about twice a week because my Neurologist says it’s ok.

I am a fan of Aspirin, it was synthesized over 100 years ago by Bayer and its natural form (willow bark / salicylic acid) has been used for millenia. Its probably the oldest known acute treatment of migraine!

Also I should mention that I seem to get an occasional nose bleed now with Ami and Aspirin as Aspirin is a blood thinner, but I think its mostly because Ami dries out my nose…


Amazing stuff, aspirin. I was reading it’s now being used in tiny doses to stop premature births in certain circumstances so it’s not only migraine preventatives that are being used ‘off label’ it seems. The neuro recommended Soluble Aspirin to me but that gives me GERD. The ordinary one I can tolerate.