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Atlas Alignment worked

Hi this is more of a success story and to see if anyone else has had the same treatment that’s worked?

in January this year after 10 month of a constant migraine in my head and neck I came across atlas profilax on my final desperate search for help. I had spent 2k already on different treatments and meds and contraptions and nothing helped.

I had the atlas alignment done with a lovely lady who explained that it was just a hard massage that makes the muscle holding the bone relax and allow the bone to fall into its birth place.

I was soo desperate I would have tried anything and paid anything and robbed a bank to do so.

I wont go through all the feelings after the treatment but a nearly a year later and I no longer have that pain. The migraine flared up for the first week then poofed away. I was scared to accept it because I though it would come back and ruin my life again but it didn’t.

I do get a headache say 3 times a month but the painkillers keep it at bay when I get one. Im no longer bound to a sofa with no life.

There after affects which if you want to know about just ask me.

ive seen a lot of people slag this procedure off but all I can say is when you are as desperate as I was you will try anything and im blessed I did.

im not in full great health I still have areas to work on but as for head and neck and sinus pain its all gone : )

those who live with pain have my respect and sympathy as each day is such a struggle.

thanks for reading

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I’m glad to hear the procedure worked for you. I had it done back in the summer of 2013 I believe, and unfortunately it didn’t work for me. The chiropractor who did my treatment used a “puff” of air aimed at the atlas bone. The place to shoot the air was calculated with physics. Lying there I felt instant relief, got very excited as I thought my symptoms were gone, but then tried to turn over and get up and got extremely dizzy. I kept going back for “follow up” and “corrections” but the procedure left me house bound for a month (which doesn’t matter now in the long run as I’ve been house bound for a year). The chiropractor said she made a miscalculation and she could correct her mistakes & try it again, but I had already spent so much money on it and felt so much worse. I eventually got almost completely better about a year later, and even went back to work for a year, but then unfortunately got even worse again.

Thanks for posting, Rebecca and it is so great to see a success story. Could you please explain a bit more about how you felt in the weeks following the atlas profilax procedure? My son had this procedure done two weeks ago for a dizziness/imbalance problems which is associated with eye jumping and anxiety. He is now experiencing a flareup of his symptoms and I am wondering what specifically the feelings you had after the treatment were, how long they lasted, how they lifted, etc. Thanks so much.

Hello, Me too!!I I found permanent relief with AtlasPROfilax!! I was extremely frustrated before I found the answer.
I felt hopeless in trying so many modalities to “fix” my atlas and put it into position.

Then I found Atlasprofilax which is worldwide and has helped millions of people with only one treatment.
It seemed like a leap of faith because it claims that only one treatment is needed to put the atlas into it’s correct position and they guarantee it will stay. You only pay once ($300) and they will see you going forward if needed- for free!! That is AMAZING! They stand behind their claim and I respect that about atlasprofilax. The day I got treated I felt amazing!!! I was hesitant to believe this to be true, but 2 years later, I am still symptom free.
Go to their website and find a practitioner near you- REALLY!!! :slight_smile:

Hi, the treatment you had done was not atlasprofilax. Atlasprofilax uses a vibrational tool, not a puff of air.
If you have not tried it, I highly recommend it!! It worked for me and soooo many people I have told to have it done
by a qualified atlasprofilax practitioner. All of my friends are happy- some had chronic pain worse than mine and are now pain free. They are worldwide and amazing- really! Go their directory and find one near you.

I have had MAV since a bad chiropractic neck crack 18 months ago, I was going to try Atlas Profilax but have be so scared to make the vertigo worse as anything that comes near my neck flares up vertigo/MAV for me, I wonder if I should just give it a shot but I’m so scared!!

I see an atlas orthogonal chiropractor with great success.

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I saw a Blair upper cervical chiropractor last year. My very first adjustment of atlas was nothing short of miraculous. I felt “cured”. I was to go back the following week for a check, and I wish I never went. The Dr’s partner wanted to adjust C3, and it immediately brought back ALL my migraine left sided symptoms. This is what led to me asking the Neuro for a neck MRI. That MRI found severe left sided stenosis and pinched nerve. Which then led to the diagnosis that the pinched nerve in my neck is somehow causing my left sided migraine symptoms, and probably my dizziness.

Anyway, I did go back to the original chiro and he tried to adjust me back. I got to maybe 60%, but never as good as the first adjustment. So yes, I believe that this type of therapy can help some people, but I also believe it is very provider dependant.

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Oh how disappointing and devastating for you, I understand how you feel as I went to an Atlas orthogonal man who made my head worse too. It seems very hit and miss. I tried acupuncture yesterday, he needed all into my upper neck and I left with a very clear headed feeling, still visual vertigo persists but it seems to have helped some, I go back next week so I’ll let you all know if there’s full success

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Good luck with the acupuncture!

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Well the results of acupuncture were positive. My eye problems are still there, but it reduced fogginess in my head and reduced the dull pain behind my eyes alot, I’m feeling hopeful!

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@jess38 that’s wonderful!!!

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