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atrial fibrillation and MAV

Hey Folks,

After a long, drawn out run of heart tests (echos, stress tests, etc.) attempting to find some firm inkling associated with my off and on palpitations and sometimes longer events lasting 30 mins to a half hour, I was recently diagnosed with atrial fibrillation after my second time wearing a ZioPatch.

Apparently, it is not too extreme to where I have to take medication, but it at least probably gives insight into why I have the same residual heart side effects with almost every migraine medicine I try. Before, I received the “blame the patient” treatment from doctors of which they tried to chalk it up as “anxiety”, psychosomatic or I am extremely sensitive to meds. UGH!!! Listen, I use to abuse the hell out of chemicals and have no trepidation or previous reaction to pharmas prior to acquiring VM/MAV and A-FIB.

Anyways, I am still searching out different avenues but have also sought out autonomic testing @ Stanford and found a great neurologist there. We are testing for POTS in a couple weeks.

I have read how POTS can complicate VM/MAV or whatever your flavor of the day is calling this disorder (please spare me of that debate in this thread). However, rather than going down the internet rabbit hole, does anyone else have similar experience with A-FIB, reactions to the medicines we all try, and/or how best to manage this condition with A-FIB

I currently feel validated, but now am also slightly annoyed that there is another path for me to go down. ALSO, grateful the road is not a dead-end.


I can’t speak to your situation, but I sure appreciate your attitude! A-fib is no small thing. I have a friend in congestive heart failure and a-fib. I’m sorry you’re doing both MAV and a-fib at the same time. As a sampler platter type myself, I get it. Take great care of yourself. I can hear the warrior in you. Be fierce!

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thanks! interesting read…