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Attacks two days after motion exposure

Hello to everyone.
Thank you very much for your kind support.
I would like to ask another question.

Whenever I’m having a car ride / flight even for 1 hour, I get intense feelings of false motion afterwards, but the weird thing is that they get at their peak, or even start, one or two days after.

I used to get this feeling for years now, prior to the start of mav symptoms.
Does anyone of you with mav get worse after car rides / flights but starting one or two days after?

Do those patterns suggest mdds instead of mav?
Thank you

Delayed flair of symptoms is another one common to my experience. Not so sure about others though. For many reasons it proves a pain. For one I feel I might have searched the internet sooner if I’d only realised the connection between events sooner. I’d been having vestibular attacks for a good few years before I realised they always occurred after restaurant trips. I’d eat out midday on a Sunday but not fall ill until either the Tuesday or Wednesday morning and then always upon waking. I did make the connection eventually for it to be proved to be much later again when I was actually taken ill still sitting at the table over the crocks. In retrospect I suspect that the delay proved I had some built in resistance. To fall ill in situ my tolerance levels must have been exceptionally low. I actually had a bit of a disagreement with a neuro-otologist over the delayed concept of attacks. He said it was possible but then again he doesn’t live in my body to know better. It’s Rule 39 again.

Does the delay indicate MDDS? Wouldn’t see so. I read there are two types, motion provoked (as in cruises) and non motion provoked as in VM. The former apparently should be pretty much immediate on coming on shore, the other not necessarily. Like VM I doubt there are any exact diagnostic criteria for MdDS.

I don’t think the exact nature of the offending stimulus (restaurant, motion) is of any particular significance but just in case you don’t see the relevance even the attack that followed my MRI scan was likewise time delayed and that included an horrifically bright and sunny long car journey either way in addition to the actual scanning experience where incidentally the worst part for me was most probably the having to lie down flat whilst so symptomatic with vertigo. It was following the MRI delayed reaction that the neuro-oto and I had conflicting opinions.

2 days delay is a long time. Could it be just coincidental?

When you say attacks one needs to be specific. There are two kinds of attacks imho, migraine and vestibular. These are not the same thing.

I never found any correlation with much when it came to vestibular attacks. They seem to occur pretty much at random.

Migraine attacks were different. They could certainly be provoked with stimulus.

Me, especially after flight.

sometimes it start the night after flight and stayed for 2 days.

I’m due to take a long haul flight tomorrow so it will be a good test to see the after effects…

Thank you for your kind response and for your reassurance, Helen.
It helped me a lot.
Sunny and long car rides are absolutely a big trigger…
I used to feel better while in the car but not any more, as I also have Binocular Vision Dysfunction that seems to have gotten worse.
So, no relief…
Thank you again for your answer. I’ve read it a lot of times to relieve myself and give me courage…

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Thank you very much for your response, James.
By attacks I mean that the 24h false motion feelings that I have especially when staying still and lying down, get 10 times worse for a lot of days after.
So what about the vestibular migraine attacks? Do they have any consistency for you?
I see no light in my situation as I can not quite find specific triggers each time I feel so much worse and I feel exhausted.
Unfortunately as the time goes by I only have new symptoms.
I had a flu the previous month and except from the 24h variable form tinnitus I started experiencing a pounding/thumbing noise in my right ear which I really can not tell for sure whether or not it pulsatile tinnitus. I also experience pulsatile tinnitus every now and then for some time but this is different.
Today it has killed me. It comes and goes every 20-30 seconds. I hear from 1 to 4 pounding sounds each time, sometimes consistent with the heartbeat and sometimes not. But it gets worse with every movement of my body/neck/jaw/leaning towards/brushing teeth. It could be anything from Superior Canal Dehiscence, to Hydrops, to Fistulas, to Vascular issues, to Intracranial Hypertension and the list goes on… It’s depressing…
Every day something new…

Thank you very much for your answer, @Hope88.
It’s relieving to find that this happens in MAV.
Have you found anything that helps?

I hope everything went fine for you, Matty.
Let us know :slight_smile:

Well I’m pretty similar. I can get through the travelling but the next 2-3 days I pay for it. For me I think there is an element of adrenaline that gets me through the travelling (I get nervous about it) but once that wears off I think the migraine elements kick in. I still don’t travel much because of it as it just ruins a holiday. I’ve tried taking stugeron but doesn’t really help with the travelling and certainly not afterwards. All I resort to now is breathing exercises and a butterfly hug/tapping to calm myself. I’m sorry I haven’t an answer but just wanted to say you’re not alone


Hello, Emmieb308!
I’m so glad that you took the time to write about your symptoms. It helped me feel less alone.
I also get through somehow while traveling, but always pay for it the days after.
Do you find your symptoms of false motion while sitting/lying down getting worse the days after traveling?
Thank you so much for your suggestions. I looked for the “butterfly hug”, as I didn’t know about it. I’m going to try it, thank you very much!

Hello - yes I’m worse after travelling if I sit or lie down - it’s like a rocking motion - not necessarily like the motion of how I’ve been travelling - just rocking and unsteadiness. It does seem to fade mostly after the first few days. It’s a real pain though for’s ok though when I’m actually travelling/keep moving. Good luck with the butterfly hug - it was my therapist who suggested it (who I went to because of anxiety travelling! )