Aura - blurred vision 3 days later

Adam, I guess this question is for you.

I went to a neurologist about 3 weeks ago, he looked at my MRI results (which were fine) listened to my story about having two aura experiences, and confirmed migraines. However, he feels that my dizziness is NOT related to migraines. I on the otherhand totally disagree. I left his office that day with some VRT exercises (he says its LABS), and a prescription for propanolol (which I had to ask for. He said, "OK, it will help with your borderline high blood pressure, and help ease your anxiety.) I didn’t really care too much, because I was anxious to try the propanolol to see if it would help, I don’t care what he calls what I have, I just want to feel better.

Anyway, I’ve been on the propanolol for about 3 weeks (very low dose - 20 mg. in am, and 20mg in pm). It definitely has helped the anxiety, has made me a little sleepy, but my dizziness is better too. (Not great, but better.) I also, have been taking ginko, migrelief (feverfew, magnesium and riboflavin) for about 1 month.

Now, here’s the question - I ran out of migrelief for 5 days, and on the 5th day, I had a terrible aura (my 3rd) lasting about 30 minutes (they terrify me). My vision was blurry for a whole 3 days following it, as well as being extremely light sensitive. Funny thing, during this time, the dizziness seemed to be much improved. (It has since made its return though.) Is it normal with migraines to have blurred vision for 3 days ? (I’m not sure calling it “blurred vision” is even the correct term, its very hard for me to describe. My vision was just plain “off”.) I never did end up with anything more than a very dull headache.

Also, any possiblity that stopping the migrelief had anything to do with it? I’ve been watching everything I eat for the last month or so trying to identify triggers, which is very difficult.

Please refer to “my story” which will fill you in on my history a little bit.

Thanks in advance - I appreciate your input.