Aural pressure

In the article in Medicin today they write that when aural pressure in just one ear, its most likely to be Menieres, rather than MAV. I’m going to the dr. who diagnosed me with MAV tomorrow, and Im gonna talk to him about it. Because I have aural pressure only in the left side, alot actually.
Do anyone have somethink smart to say about this?

What is aural pressure?

I think it is pressure from inside the ear…

Hi Line,

My most recent symptoms have been relating to my ears. It seems to come and go - I’ll have it for a few days, then OK for a few days then it’s back again. I had it all day yesterday, but today nothing.

Symptoms are - sense of fullness in my ears, pressure, humming sensation, muffled hearing and even some pain. It happens in both ears, but tends to ‘settle’ in the right. During this chronic phase I have also had episodes of rotational vertigo as well as dysequillibream (sp), bouncy floors and general unsteadiness.

I went for a follow up with my neurologist and based on those symptoms he investigated me for Meniere’s disease (as well as migraine, not instead of - we already know I am definitely a migraineur). Following all the hearing and balance tests he is satisfied that the symptoms are all due to migraine.

It won’t hurt of course to talk to your doctor about your symptoms but just be aware that they CAN all be symptoms of migraine and that migraine is a lot more common than Meniere’s.

Good luck!