As many of you know, since my pregnancy my symptoms have deteriorated further. I am now pretty much bedridden, and just counting the days until baby is born, so I can retrial meds and be closer to getting my life back. My main symptom consists of debilitating disequilibrium, as well as constant spinning in my head. I am also a headache sufferer, and have migraines with aura. they are pretty textbook - 20-30 minutes of seeing an arc of sparkling (scintillating) zig-zag lines, and an awful headache follows. However, in the last month I have frequently been getting what looks like tiny black bugs moving in my field of vision. This is different for me as it’s not my “typical” aura (which I also get frequently). I am assuming that auras can come in many shapes and forms. Just wondering if others can relate to this. I get it frequently now, and am just not familiar with this less textbook aura that I am having. It just seems like everything is getting more and more out of control until I have this baby. As I always say, though, I would happily live with the auras and headaches (as painful as they are) if the debilitating dizziness would go away.

Hi Lisa,

Sorry to hear you continue to have such a rotten time.

I get the scintillating scotoma aura too (hate hate hate it) and also the floating black spots. I have been told by both optometrist and doctor that these are nothing at all to worry about. If yours are the same as mine they are not related to migraine and are called “floaters” - here’s a link … in-the-eye


Thanks Vic,

Yes, have had the scintillating scotoma aura for many, many years. I have just gotten it more frequently since pregnancy, and also had it very freq before MAV struck. always lasts 20-30 and precedes a migraine. I could be wrong, but I think that the floating black spots for me is just another visual sx of migraine. makes sense and that’s how Dr. B describes it in Heal your headache. what makes you think it’s non migraine related? i actually haven’t had it in over 1 hour, and it just appeared when looking at computer. light seems to trigger it. This illness is so strange, but I would gladly trade in my dizziness to see black spots every second for the rest of my life. everything is so relative.



I have both types of Auras though the black spots are more common for me than the other type. I was told they were part of migraine … … ex_en.html … auras.aspx

I am so sorry you are feeling so bad Lisa I know better days have to be ahead for you. Feel better soon.

I’m sorry you’re still feeling bad, Lisa!

I checked out the links on this thread and kept looking for ‘my’ auras. Mine look more like floating, glowing, spent dandelions. On my very worst migraine day while on Topomax - it was as if every single bulb in the house was a million watts strong - and shooting light shards into everything.

Get well soon.

Hi again scintillating scotoma sufferers,

I guess everyone’s aura is a bit different. I checked out the links Timeless sent and mine are definitely included. I’ve seen pictures of scotoma before and just looking at them makes me feel wonky and like if I keep looking I’ll get a migraine. I also hate flashing and flickering lights for the same reason. I was at a show last night and fabulous light art was projected on to a wall. Some of it was fine but others were just waaaay too much like scintillating scotoma so I had to look away.

As for the “floaters” or black dots - I guess they are different for everyone too - some related to migraine, others just floaters. Lisa I don’t think mine are related to migraine as they are there so much of the time and I otherwise feel fine, the floaters are annoying but nothing more. I do tend to notice them when reading or at a computer but I think that’s just because I’m actually concentrating and focussing my gaze more than otherwise, so just notice them more.


Does anyone have auras other than visual ones? I sometimes have the visual auras, but I have a LOT of ‘feeling’ auras. Like- Alice in Wonderland, or feeling like I’m plastic from the inside, or feeling real skinny like I’m in a straw, or like I’m sitting on the floor when I’m in my computer chair.

Just curious :slight_smile:


Hi Lisa,
I don’t get auras , but have had floaters right from the start , they get worse as and when my dizziness gets worse.Then they get better , then they come back.
I have got used to having them.
Lots of people have them , seems that they can be linked to dehydration, age, etc but seems they also come as part of the MAV package and part of the typical MAV discomforts.
Lucky us.
Take care , thinking of you, know how bad you feel.


Floaters can be part of migraine but I do not think all floaters are because of migraine…but mine definitely are part of this mess. I have had them ever since I started having the headaches years ago…

Floaters have a number of causes and generally become more noticeable as we age. The older I get the more I have noticed popping up. As far as I am aware they are not associated with migraine.

Lisa, a good test for floaters is to look up into a clear blue sky. Because you’re getting lots of bright light into the eye and there’s nothing to see but blue sky, you’ll see the floaters more clearly if that’s what this is. Otherwise, maybe your aura just produces this phenomenon and it has nothing to do with floaters at all. Have you googled black spots and aura?


thanks for everyone’s feedback. I am positive that what I have had for the past 10 years is an aura, as it is a “textbook” case. But, I spoke to Dr. Priesol about my new sx and he did not believe it is migraine related and is a floater. Probably nothing serious, but will see eye doc on wed to make sure. … oaters.htm … floats.htm … oaters.php

Some more links to take a look at …

Alright…tell the truth. Does anyone here play Floater Tag when you’re in the waiting room or just gazing at the sky?

— Begin quote from “Timeless” … floats.htm … oaters.php

Some more links to take a look at …

— End quote

AHA! Flashes! My floating, sparkly dandelions were flashes! Kewl. Definitely migraine related for me. Also ‘heat wave’ vision. I love when these explanations crop up!