Avocados & Lentils, Migraine Trigger or Just an Urban Legend

Frankly, guys after a year of eating like a monk on a secluded mountaintop in some distant foreign land–hey maybe even Australia! lol I have come to the end of my tolerance for just chicken, rice, and vegetables. I have been gluten and dairy -free as well, except for butter. And recently on the advice of a doctor have forgone the pleasures of nightshades, i.e. eggplant, potatoes, and tomatoes. Also on the same doc’s recommendation, I tried no corn for a few days and no eggs as those are two foods that cause allergies in people, but my resolve melted as I just came back from work and couldn’t resist stuffing myself with unsalted corn chips. So I am gradually being tempted to go back to my sordid life of including avocados and lentils in my diet, and have actually seen one source that said that lentils may not be a trigger. So my question is, what is the consensus here? And what about split peas while we are on the subject.

I can eat lentils, avocados and peas with no problem. I would introduce one thing at a time, eat ti for a couple days in a row and see what happens. I know it is easier said then done! I am always scared to try things if I am unsure as to whether or not they are safe.

I’m sorry I cant help you with this Q:
But I have a question for you.
Has the diet made enough of a turn around in your symptoms?
I have been on gluten free diets and the migriaine still came back.


Thanks Sarah!
Jen- Not sure what is helping me, but have been feeling better over the last few weeks. I am taking magnesium citrate two times a day, and also started taking ashwagandha, an adaptogen that supports the adrenal functioning, as well as B complex. Then there is my limited diet where I also eat a little at a time all day to keep my blood sugar stable. My headaches have gone down and the general symptoms of spins, disequilibrium have lessened. I am still maybe only at 40%-50%, but as long as I see progress, I am happy. With me, I am not sure where the VN ends and the migraine component begins. So I don’t know if some of what is going on is brain compensation too, since my first real “attack” of 24/7 vertigo and nausea began nearly two years ago. The other BIG piece for me is the anxiety-depression component that I have been chiseling away at.

I’m still at at sea with the diet thing so can’t help either…

Uh. . .yeah. . .that may be a difficult question to answer. In fact, this thread may have very well been an eye-opener (if it isn’t an urban myth). I am an AVID fan of avocados, lentils and I eat them constantly. Perhaps I’ll keep from eating them for one whole week (maybe 2 weeks) and I’ll let you know how I feel. I’m pretty cause the cause of my migraines is from the car accident a few years back, but these types of foods may be triggering the on-set of such pains. Yeah. I think I’ll give this experiment as shot.

I’ll PM you or reply to this thread with the results. :slight_smile:

I’ve avoided avocados, eggplant and lentils, but not potatoes or tomatoes, since diagnosis. Today Dr. John Carey told me to experiment with adding a single item to my diet for a week–two weeks if there are confounds such as bad weather–and thengreenlight it if I experience no problems. My diet will take a lo-ong time to sort out, given how much I’ve been avoiding.