Aww, nuts! (Sunflower seeds? ;-)

Ok - just curious… Anyone have issues with sunflower seeds being a trigger? I’ve read mixed things on seeds being potential triggers… I’ve been avoiding nuts (thought I haven’t really noticed them being a trigger), so this morning I broke my usual breakfast pattern (tired of cream cheese) and put sunbutter on my english muffin. Within 15 minutes of eating it my head completely fuzzed over!! (I’d been feeling pretty good up until then…) I guess it could’ve been the honey that I also put on it (too sugary for my head?), but I’m wondering about the sunbutter. Has anyone else had a problem with it?

I can’t have nuts of any sort including peanuts. Seeds seem to be okay for me with the exception of sesame seeds. The only way for you to know for sure is to wait for your symptoms to return to normal and try it again. Not always the most pleasant way to figure it out. But, you should know with certainty then.

Yeah - pretty sure I won’t be trying it again at work - nor in the next 2 days, as I have a job interview tomorrow and the last thing I want to do is show up feeling like a space cadet! Gonna have to start trialling foods like meds - on weekends - apparently! :wink:

I eat sunflower seed spread every day and have no problem with it. If it was the first thing you ate in the day, it may have been your blood sugar shooting up too high which caused the symptoms, I get this and usually go very sweaty and hot with it. Have to watch carefully what I eat in the mornings.


I eat sunflower seed spread as well and it doesn’t bother me. I haven’t tried nuts yet. I used to eat nuts every day so one of these days I’m going to try them.

I did wonder about that, Christine, with the honey on it… For the life of me, though, I can’t figure out what the heck to eat for breakfast, though. I’ve found that too many carbs (like oatmeal) are NOT good. And I don’t want eggs for breakfast every day. (Not convinced those aren’t some sort of trigger, anyhow. Sometimes get a bit fuzzy after a very eggy breakfast…) At this point it’s usually an english muffin (less bready than a bagel) with cream cheese. I’m sooooo sick of eating that, though. And I’m not convinced that’s a great 1st meal of the day anyhow - especially since eating (including, the right proportion of carbs, sugars, and proteins, apparently) seems to be critical to how I feel. If you’ve got any good breakfast ideas, I’m “all ears”! Cause if I’m going to feel this lousy after trying to eat a “decent” breakfast, I might as well give it up and just eat donuts every day! Much more satisfying… :wink:

I have reactive hypoglycemia (proven) and I have problems in the morning, whatever I eat. Also, if you are intolerant of a food the blood sugar crashes (I took a blood test and the two foods that came up were yeast and eggs and I absolutely love eggs) I tried eggs in the morning and my blood sugar crashed, I also get migraine from eggs. I tried every combination known to man for my breakfast, including lamb chops and veg. Nothing made much difference, so now I eat a very small amount of cereal and one hour later eat a large chunk of mild cheddar on an oatcake, that sees me through to lunchtime. Not perfect, but this is the best I have found.


I do OK with seeds and nuts but not honey. Interesting what you both say Erika and Christine about breakfast. I’ve found, only recently actually, that I do best, like you Christine, if I have a small bowl of cereal with rice milk, followed a hour or so later by some form of protein (in my case an egg) and a little carbohydrate and fat (rice cake with butter).


Hmmm - maybe I need to start my day with a bit of cereal and then add in the protein a little later… (And nix the honey…) I’ve been avoiding cereal as I figured it’d be too carby. Maybe not. Thanks for the ideas, all!

I eat sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds without any problem (pumpkin seeds are a good magnesium source which is good for MAV)
Also pine nuts are ok to try as they are actually seeds :slight_smile:

I don’t like sesame seeds much so don;t tend to eat them but have not noticed a problem with them either.

Ain’t no way the next person’s experience is going to directly inform yours, I’m thinking.

I can handle some nuts, not others. Haven’t fully explored this yet, but I seem fine with almonds, not fine with pinolas (phooey, I like them), tentatively okay with pecans, tentatively not with walnuts, fine with sunnies.