Back again

I just need to post somewhere about my migraines as there driving me crazy.
I have been resistant to thinking my main problem with vertigo was coming from migraines. This has been a rotten week. For days I have burning feeling in my head, a throbbing pressure and the feeling of going to spin off. When I go to sleep I will wake up with the feeling of just before a migraine hits you. It seems like my neck is involved but not sure if its muscles problem or disc problem. I have compressed discs from sleeping up right with my neck in an extended position to help with vertigo. But it seems like when I am sleeping the headache gets worse. I am calling it a headache because for me when I have a what I call a migraine it starts in the back of the head and goes up over the top of the head and then the worst pain is over the left eye in the forehead area which is not what is going on right now. It might be what I have now that I call the beginning of migraine is really a migraine. Still it seems like if I can get relief in the neck the other stuff feels better. Also I am wondering if anyone has the feeling whe they are having bad acid reflux that it it bringing on a migraine? It hasn’t always happened this way to me but if seem like in my older years that if I get to much acid reflux which I have all the time now that I will get a a head achey thing happen. Along with this my jaw hurts like TMJ and goes up to the out side of the eye. I guess I read like I am really messed up or something. Just my whole head as some level of pain or wierd feeling and then the left side of my jaw and ear area. I have an appt with nuerologist on Feb the 8. Been to doctors before for this and they give me meds like anti inflammatories and something for pain. But not really much else I guess they can do. I can’t correlate vertigo with migraines though. I get spinning when no migraine is happening. I know supposedly we don’t have to be in a migraine for that to happen but the doctors like for it to be taht way to say for sure the veritgo is from migraine. Maybe its not though who knows. I have bilateral loss and been told its autoimmune more likely. thats it just feeling crummy hoping things get better even soon.


Hi Linda,

It sounds like you are having a really terrible time at the moment. Like many of us, you seem to have some combination of migraine and an inner ear disorder. If you read the articles that Adam has posted, you will see lots of research that says the two often go hand in hand. But from what you have said, you have never had any effective migraine preventative treatment. Don’t be put off by one doctor’s opinion. Most of us have had all kinds of different diagnoses from different doctors we have seen. They don’t always get it right. And many are not very familiar with MAV. You really should see a specialised neuro-otologist. You have been suffering with this for so long. Even though you find it hard to see a connection between your migraines and the dizziness, its worth a shot to try treating it!

Hi Rob, I have seen a nuero oto doctor in the past. In the beginning he said it was from migraine but when I had testing done for ear disorders he changed his mind and said he thought it was autoimmune. I am suppose to see him soon for a VEMP test. I am trying to get some help with the migraine stuff before going for that test. I know its all very complicated I really think if I had never tested with bilateral loss I would have gotten better treatment but that seems to through the doctors off track maybe or they aren’t sure what to think. I don’t have any hearing loss which is another reason they aren’t sure what to think. Then I go through times I give up and just don’t see any of them and then start over again. I just believe as time goes on at some point the testing will get better or I will have something show different that will help to know all thats been going on.


Hi Lady56

I get the acid reflux and really terrible aching and throbbing in the head, that is when if I’m at work, or having to walk somewhere I just want to lay down and cry as nothing seems to really shift that stage for me. It’s strange but when I get that really bad stomach reflux I have a craving for sweet things(chocolate) and carbs (eggs) - my migraines make me feel so starving,I am lucky that I have never been sick with one. This is usually the start of a migraine for me though and not the trigger. I read somewhere that the liver/kidneys don’t process as well up to 24 hours before the onset of a migraine - I think it is that which causes the reflux and indigestion etc.

I don’t find that I can sleep a migraine off, though I know that just staying still helps me feel a little better, and sometimes I have woken up feeling worse - but I don’t put that down to sleeping I put that down to a nasty migraine that is going to be a long 5 day one for me! The facial pain is something I get too, recently I’ve been getting it more often with pain in my jaw and ear - but I think mine is complicated by some sinus issues, but with all the migraine complications it is so difficult to be sure.

I hope you have some good days soon.


Mrs G, You and I have a lot in common. I was just telling a friend of mine I won’t loose weight until I figure out the stomach headache thing. I only want chocolate chip cookies and eggs. I have never liked eggs and then the past 6 months I want to eat them all the time. I have high cholesterol so I dont’ do it. Thing is chocloate and eggs can give migraines but I feel bad when I eat well to so it doesn’t seem to matter. When I talk or move around it gets worse for me too. I see a gastro doctor Thursday and am going to try and tell him some of this. But I know he isn’t going to validate what I say is going on they never do. I wish some doctors could experience what we feel maybe they wouldn’t be so quick to poo poo it. Thanks for replying. Its good knowing someone else has the same type stuff happening although I am sorry you do. My family and freinds think I am an odd ball. I would give anything not to have all these different conditions. I hope things get better for you.


Hi Linda, I dont know if this is what you have , or if its to do with you acid reflux, but it show that migriane vcan cause all sorts of symptoms including stomache probs,

1.3.2 Abdominal migraine

An idiopathic recurrent disorder seen mainly in children and characterised by episodic midline abdominal pain manifesting in attacks lasting 1−72 hours with normality between episodes. The pain is of moderate to severe intensity and associated with vasomotor symptoms, nausea and vomiting.

Diagnostic criteria:

A. At least 5 attacks fulfilling criteria B−D

B. Attacks of abdominal pain lasting 1−72 hours (untreated or unsuccessfully treated)

C. Abdominal pain has all of the following characteristics:

  1. midline location, periumbilical or poorly localised

  2. dull or `just sore’ quality

  3. moderate or severe intensity

D. During abdominal pain at least 2 of the following:

  1. anorexia

  2. nausea

  3. vomiting

  4. pallor

E. Not attributed to another disorder (see Note 1)


  1. In particular, history and physical examination do not show signs of gastrointestinal or renal disease or such disease has been ruled out by appropriate investigations.


Pain is severe enough to interfere with normal daily activities. Children may find it difficult to distinguish anorexia from nausea. The pallor is often accompanied by dark shadows under the eyes. In a few patients flushing is the predominant vasomotor phenomenon. Most children with abdominal migraine will develop migraine headache later in life.

© 2003 International Headache Society (quoted from International Headache Society, 2004)

Hi Jenny, I don’t know if that is me or not. I have a thing with my face flushing and getting migraines in my carotid artery. Sometimes when I eat something it will give me that flushing and carotid artery feeling. I don’t remember as child having anything like this. Older as a young adult I started having chronic stomach problems.

This is kind of an interesting article someone posted I don’t remember where.


Hi Linda ,
ive heard Dr oz talk about this on oprah show,
also I saw a film about the natives in Papua New Guinea ( use to be cannibuls) they were explaining to some one the tradition why ect.
the native man explained why they eat their enemies, I heard them mention that they have always believed the body and spirit wasnt heled inside the ( brainS ) so they ate the brain and the stomache, why he asked did you eat the stomache and the native said in our culture its the second brain, so wow it blew me away! so many cultures believe this even people living in the rain forest with no books.
so sad the medical “proffessionals” havent caught up!
he he!

Hi there Lady 56

When I posted last I think I mentioned the jaw pain - but I noticed you mentioned TMJ and at the time it didn’t register what it was to me. I have now been told I have suspected TMJ - I ended up in A&E with such severe pain in my jaw from my ear that I couldn’t talk. I thought the pain in my ear and jaw since september was migraine/sinus related but now it seems it’s TMJ. I read that a lot of TMJ sufferers are often migraine sufferers. My vertigo is still in control and minimal which is a real improvement - but it seems it’s been replaced by another illness! The migraines are still much the same though.

Does anyone else on here have TMJ with their MAV? I’m just wondering how common it is amongst MAV sufferers.

Hi Lady ,
a lady from another forum has mav and is being treated by a neuro who has mav himself, he uses a mouth gaurd at night while sleeping, he told this girl its a commen thing with mavers.
the mouth gaurd is a big help, and has added it to her therapy.
also some drugs used to help mav can cause bruxing, so the mouth gaurd will save our teeth as well.
cheers jen

Hi Mrs. G and Jenny
You were saying that ear pain can be TMJ and thats true. What is wierd is years ago. My ear started hurting like an ear ache. I went to my ear doctor and he looked in my ear and said I had inflammation in my ear. Not inflammation from an infection but he said from gritting my teeth. Now I don’t understand what he saw or how he could tell the difference. He put me on an antibiotic and that never made since either if it wasn’t infection. I got better. I will grit especially when I have a migraine and had a mouth guard made through my dentist. They made it wrong and it didn’t fit on on side it would rub my gum and they refused to make another one so I was never able to use it. I guess they didn’t want to have to pay for another mouth guard even though it was their fault. I almost always have pain in the back of my head and neck now that brings on migraines. The nuero told me that it can work that way. Just like this past week we had to look at houses to move to and by the time I got home I had a migraine. If I have to travel in the car and experience movement, smells of exhaust and houses, plus noise I will get a migraine. I also get watery eyes and feel like I am looking through film. I get so tired of being messed up with so many things. Thanks for you both and the TMJ suggestion. I feel like all these feed on each other and just cause a visious cycle.