Bad, bad week!

Well, I’ve learned two major lessons this week:

  1. Doesnt matter how hard you’ve work for your employer for 10 YEARS, how dedicated you are, in the end you still get screwed

  2. DO NOT EVER go on disability because once again in the end you get screwed!

  3. Always look after number one.

My MAV started in November. I tried really hard for November and January to work full-time but I couldnt handle it. So in February and March I went on short term disability. The first week of April I had clearance from my doctor to start going back to work on modified hours, gradually increasing my hours/days until I could go back to full-time. Right now I am working full days 3 days a week and half days the remaining two.

They hired a temp to fill in for me when I was gone (I do clerical work) and until I come back full time. Well, on Friday my boss tells me that the temp will now be doing my job full time and I will be moved to another position (same wage but lower in stature) in the interim and when I come back to work fulltime. Apparently her skills are better than mine he said. However I have never been offered a chance to upgrade mine because I’ve been too busy. A lot of what I did was given to other employees when I fell sick with MAV. This temp walks in, does a quarter of my job and is now a superstar. They arent comparing apples to apples - I even told them so. I was SO upset! There is nothing I can do about it. I cried all night last night and have been very upset today.

I also had a funeral to attend today of a close family friend AND my period is coming. Between the stress and the monthly, the MAV hit me big time today AND I got my first scotoma since March! I just can’t believe this is happening to me. Obviously stress is the biggest trigger in my life but to avoid another relapse, how do I cope with this new job issue?

I am not a happy camper!! Sorry to rant but I just can’t believe that this is happening to me. 10 years with NO issues at all with my job, I’m well liked at work, employee record is clean. I just dont get it. I should have just stayed on disability, milked it for what it was worth and not bothered even trying to come in part-time. :frowning:

Wotta bummer.

Can’t advise about what you shoulda done for strategy, but you came back part-time as what seemed right. At least you can say, “I wasn’t a shit.” The odds are that if your replacement can’t handle the same load, it will become apparent soon enough–let me rephrase that–maybe not soon enough, but before all that long. And if you were stuck in a dead-ender, maybe shifting to something else, even though lower status, will open something up for you so you’re not so stuck. Just maybe?

Take it to an employment tribunal or make an official complaint to HR.

Filthy toads!!!

Get ur doc to sign you off again for months on end!!