Bad fatigue and vertigo? is the vertigo or something else?

hi guys do you have chronic fatigue?? is it just the vertigo and headaches or something on else?? im not meds, but i need to be b/cause its just not going. i feel so lazy which is out of character but i been like this since it struck 2 years ago, i sleep so heavily now and im always tired and even my muscles get tired very quickly…is this normal :?:

I am way more exhausted than I ever used to be. I literally used to be someone that worked some 50+ hours per week, go out every single night of the week, get up at 5:30am, and then sorting out all my friends/family admin issues as they’re all so disorganised so I was running like 50 lives!!!

Now - forget it. My 3 days of work which are strictly 9am - 5pm finish me off come Friday night - I’m slammed. There is no way I could work even a full normal 35 - 37.5 hour week. And going out every night? FORGET IT! I just cant do it. I dont go out on work nights anymore because simply cant function and I need at least 10 hours sleep a night.

Exhaustion is my middle name lately!


Well they have diagnosed me with ME (cfs) but I still dont know. My mums ENT says the two conditions overlap, but who knows. I get exhaustion after either mental or physical exertion. Its like the shutters coming down. My legs wont work, its like walking through treacle and I am sweating with the effort. Then, later on, I will ache, have a pricky throat and feel like I am just going down with the flu. I never wake up in the morning refreshed.


I’m with Muppo on this one! Soooooo tired all the time! Don’t know what the answer is though!