Bad luck but VM gone

Hi all,
I had a “litte” misadventure with the covid vaccine. Since the 11th June, day of the vax, i am having weird health problems.
But… it’s been a month and a half that I had no vestibular issues. First time in 5 years.
For the vaccine problem I have been doing ozone therapy and doubled on my Neuroptimal sessions.
So maybe it helped my vm?!

Well done if it’s gone. What an Intriguing post. I’ve read of people ‘recovering’ from other conditions upon receipt of Covid vaccinations. Sure I posted a link on the main Covid thread. Could it just be the distraction of the newly emerged side effects has pushed your MAV symptoms farthest from your mind. I recall my MAV symptoms stopping the first 48 hours or so after I broke my shoulder in a fall but really I think it was just I was distracted with the pain and the associated difficulties of suddenly trying to function without the use of one arm.


It’s what I call the hammer and thumb syndrome. When you have a headache, its hard to remember your head hurts when you smack your thumb with a hammer.

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I really don t know but i would trade my current symptoms for mav. Now i have tachicardia, all kind of pains, gi issues, muscle twitching and more…
I miss my mav

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That’s really rotten luck and I bet anything it’s all linked in with MAV hypersensitivity or where that too originates. It’s a real pain. I’m the only person I know had a really severe reaction to Covid jabs and I had it both occasions but luckily for me it left nothing ongoing once it did clear. So sorry to hear what’s happened to you.

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