Bad plane flight

A few people have suggested I consider an experience I had last August. I went for a ride in a small aircraft … a bit bumpy due to some cloudiness. I quickly got extreme motion sickness – within moments I was very hot, perspiring, and had nausea / vomiting. >15 min. after takeoff, the pilot had to radio a small airfield nearby to request to land. I got a ride home and continued to feel unwell for a few hours.

Anyway, that “really bad” plane flight happened end of August, '08. Current dizziness began 1/23/09. Can I dismiss the flight experience as being of any relation to the present condition?

I know some people say MDDS can also occur from bad plane flights (not just ships) and I’ve had motion sickness (under certain conditions) most of my life … but I always thought of MDDS-type things as arising shortly after disembarking, not 4-5 months later. Am I right?

From what I’ve seen on the internet it seems its a little late for that to be it. I can’t find too much info about it though. Wasn’t somebody just diagnosed with that though? Maybe Luke?

I would have to agree with Tammy that the symptoms you’re talking about came on a bit late late to diagnose you with MDDS. Unless sometimes there can be a delayed reaction? I also have never out grown motion sickness so I stay away from flying in small planes or helicopters, also stay away from driving in the Yosemite Mountains…especially where there are lots of curves. If i have to drive in mountains i makes sure that I’m the driver.

I admire your bravery driving in a very small plane. I would have had the same reactions…in fact I would have ended up puking my guts up…I am certain! I’m extremely sensitive to motion.


Hey Tammy

Yeh Hain though I might have a bit of MDDS mixed in with Migraine, given I told him I feel almost symptom free when in motion. By that I mean driving a car or riding a motorbike. He said most people with, say VN, really struggle with this. However, there are many other MAVers who experience the same phenomenon. Also, given I had 100% relife once with Pizotifen points more to Migraine. However, its all hearsay…

Hope this helps.


Hey Luke,
Just a quick question. I too am symptom free when in a car.

Does the movement of the plane allow you to be symptom free as well??? Hmmm…


I still cannot figure out how they can tell the difference between MdDS and MAV. The symptoms seem so much alike, and there seems to be a spontaneous occurance of MdDS. How would anyone know the difference? If you respond to migraine preventatives, then you have MAV, if you don’t they you have MdDS?? Maybe this is something to ask the specialists.

Here is something I found. … formation3

Hi Lisa

No I dont really feel dizzy on a flight either, unless I need to walk to the toilet or someting.

Really intereesting you dont get any symptoms while in motion too - its a great feeling isnt it?

I´m actually going to write another< post on MMDS vs Migraine and see what peeps have to say.


How weird,

I’ve gotten car sick most of my life, still do a little bit, but I feel better in the car too. I noticed I can even text without immediately feeling like I’m going to vomit. Darn strange illness!!


I had something similar. Went on holiday abroad end September 08, 6 days after we landed, had horrendous vertigo attack which lasted lot longer than my normal ones 24 hrs. Got home and then in February March had a number of severe vertigo attacks (all of which lasted longer than my previous ones). I was worried I had done something to worsen things permanently. They stopped beginning of June. I still dont know if there was a connection, but I had never had vertigo attacks which lasted as long as those. Good news is that they have gone now (keeping fingers crossed).