Balance better when snow is on ground

This is really strange, but we had fresh snowfall here last night and this morning when waiting on the train platform ( where normally I would feel really unbalanced) I had a lot of snow in my vision and my balance was a lot better. I could stand still
Without feeling nearly any movement.

How weird is that!?

I have noticed this in the past but thought it was a one off.

The only thing is, it doesn’t make sense, surely the brightness of the snow would be worse for my migraine brain.

Maybe it’s something to do with the snow creating some sort of depth in relation to your vision.

I felt better in the snow, when it was snowing. But then I’m just a newbe with many other diseases so I’ve a lot to work out!

I find snow on the ground incredibly disorientating and blinding die to the brightness. However, if snow or rain is actually falling I feel better, I think it’s because, for me, it interrupts the visual distrubances and visual vertigo and gives my eyes something else to focus on and my brain an alternative image to process so I think it in some way disrupts the faulty visual signals that add to the dizzibness if that makes sense…??? I.e. the eyes and brain focus on the rain/snow in preference of my usual meesed up vision and this in turn calms the vertigo…xx

I have not noticed i am any different in the snow (pity really as i loove snow!) but i have noticed that i feel slightly better if it is windy and if i have a hood up! Very weird but true!
Maybe you should move to a snowy country Richy? Just kidding…

That’s great especially if you must be in the snow often. After a few minutes walking in snow I get horribly dizzy and end up needing help. While there are common threads with vestibular migraine it is also very individual. We can share so much and yet each of us tells a little bit different story.

I found the snow falling made me dizzy, so just didn’t watch it when inside. Had to get lift to work because couldn’t cope with it falling on the windscreen and me trying to drive. Walking on the snow was great, I definitely wasn’t as off balanced which I must say I found strange.