My balance, according to all the balance tests, is at 0% and I feel it right now. I
I am usually able to compensate.
I only have to see my ENT every 6 months.

The question I have is do you notice other areas of your life that are affected by your balance?
One that I am noticing today is simply cutting Christmas paper. I can’t cut in a straight line. :frowning:

Certainly can add inconvenience, like I guess needing a straightedge to cut, in your case, or knowing I may not last as long as I used to be able to anticipate, in my case, especially when I am using ladders &c.

Yes, but there was a time I could cut straight and not jagged, it was me not the scissors. I always have to have someone spot me on a ladder. :lol:

I can’t say that my balance is at 0%m but I can say that it sucks real bad. I fall very frequently, anywhere from a few times a day, to several times an hour. Up until about a year ago, I could still climb ladders with a spotter, but even that is out now. I don’t do any type of unsupported heights (no hand rails or guards) over about 18 inches these days. It affects me in all aspects of life these days that involve walking or standing, and concentration levels. I can say though that I can cut as straight a line as I could when I was a kid.

When my sweetie spots me on a ladder, she has to look away. If she knows I’m going up on the roof, she stays indoors.

I’m far more hindered on the job by brain fog. Trouble is I have no way to tell how much of it is MAV and how much age. :mrgreen: (Smilie chosen because that’s sorta funny, sorta sickening.)

Yes, I also do wonder if some “issues” are due to age or the symptoms. :lol: