Been a while!

Hi all,

It’s been a little while since I’ve been here. I guess we all know what that means when someone goes away for a bit. And if you were thinking that the reason for my absence was that I must be doing better, then you thought correctly! I have been nearly dizzyless for a good 2 or 3 months. Give or take a few really nasty weeks or days in those 2 or 3 months. I am much happier now. I hardly ever think of my dizzy’s anymore. I definatley got my life back. Any little dizzy disturbance I get these days doesn’t even faze me anymore. I used to watch for setbacks and get a little depressed when they came. I used to research endlessly online about MAV, meniere’s, you name it. I haven’t looked up any of that stuff in months! When I’d feel better, I used think, I hope this lasts. Now I don’t worry about it and it seems to just last. I’m just gonna keep on keepin on and see how the rest goes!

How are all of you anyway? I hope all is well with everyone!


Hi Greg,

That’s great for you and encouraging for us:)! Of course, I’m curious…what do you think helped you? Holding onto hope,


The reason I’m better is an honest commitment to exercise. I do weight training and cardio 3-5 times a week for a total of 45min-60 min each session. That is the main reason for sure. I sat around for 2 years waiting and hoping for some miracles. I even tried some meds, but to be honest I never really gave the meds a good honest chance either. I always dumped them after either a week or 2 months on them. A lot of times I tried exercise and I never really made it past a month or two. I always quit that too. Mainly because exercise worsened my symptoms at times, EVEN after doing it for a few months.

Needless to say, I started exercising consistantly again back in late Feb early March. I also made it a point to stop searching for cures and just felt I should just eat better and exercise and have a healthier all around lifestyle and not worry about dizzi’s anymore. That meant no trying anymore meds because I always found myself thinking about when the dizzy’s would start to go away. So I decided to go just healthier lifestyle and if the dizzy’s get better then great, if not, then that’s fine too.

Well, I can honestly say that after being consistant and sticking to my plan, after 8 months I am no longer depressed and my symptoms are barely noticeable most of the time. I’m loving life again and I’ve done things now that I’d never thought I’d do ever again. I quit chewing tobacco back in April which is amazing, considering I constantly used chewing tobacco and alcohol as a crutch to lean on because I was dizzy and thought I’d never be able to handle life without nicotine or alcohol. I don’t drink or chew anymore. And that itself also helped with the dizzi’s.

I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish these things without the exercise. There’s no way! Things are still getting better and better too, the longer I keep moving, the better and better life gets.

I know it’s hard to find the time to work out , but if you install an honest plan of exercise, I can’t imagine how anyone wouldn’t get better over months of training.

Anyone, feel free to message me if you want to know my exact exercise program. I’d be happy to share!


Hi Greg,
So happy to hear from you and appreciate the positive news.
The last I heard, did you try Zoloft? OR am I confusing you with someone else? Even as I type this, I think I’m confusing you with someone…sorry. But let me know just in case. :slight_smile:
You were also taking that supplement that was full of goodies…still on it?
So happy for you!

Hi Greg,

That’s a great outcome with exercise. So how did you get past feeling crap from exercising initially and when did it stop making you fell worse. I am having a BITCH of a time maintaining any exercise regimen. I get smashed all the time and it sets me way back, nothing happens for a while until I recover and the whole cycle starts again.

Love to hear what your approach was exactly.

Scott :smiley:


I never did try Zoloft, and yes I am still taking the Intramax multivitamin. Although I only take half the recomended dose because it’s so expensive. Taking just half hasn’t had a negative effect so I mainly take it just so I’m getting my vitamins. I’m sure it has helped with my success thus far, but probably not the main reason.


The way I exercise I think has a lot to do with how to get a strangle hold on this thing. Here’s how I do it- Monday, I hit the weights for about 15-20min, jog about another 15-20 min. Tuesday, same as monday. Wednesday I do weights with my legs, NO JOGGING. Thursday-no gym, Friday or saturday (whichever day you want), jog for about 30-40 min.

It took about 3 months to figure out that routine. I was getting smashed a lot in the beginning, so I adjusted my program. But I made it a point to go and work out, no matter how smashed I was. You just have to fight through it. Sometimes the bad bad days would quickly start to get better because I didn’t stop working out. In the beginning I was working out too hard and too much I was going hardcore mon-fri and lifting too heavy and running too fast. So I lightened the load a bit, slowed the running down and cut out some days of working out and bam, that seemed to be the right touch.

The main reason though is the consistancy. Sometimes even now if I push it a little too hard, I get kind of smashed for a bit. But only usually till the next few times I work out, and that seems to reset things for me too.

There’s also the fact that I hardly ever drink now and quitting chewing as made a noticable change in my circulation (I can actually tell) that may have helped some too. But the main thing is the exercise, I can’t stress it enough. Staying with it is key! I’m 8 months in now and have been able to take a week off here and there, and it’s crazy because just being off for a week, I can feel some dizzy stuff starting to creep back in, then it’s gone within the first few workouts.

My spirits are better now and that is probably helping more than I know. To get to good spirits though, you gotta workout (for me anyway). It all goes hand in hand and new cycle of good feelings start coming around. It’s crazy, I’ll go on for days with good days and bad days are so far few now, that I kind of forget about them. It’s great!


Thanks Greg. I think it might be more difficult for me because getting smashed means flu-like symptoms and shit loads of pain for days. it literally grinds me to a halt.

It would be great if you could post your success in the Success Stories thread. People really need to see that people do get well.

Thanks again dude. S :slight_smile:


In the beginning of the program, my neck used to be so much more tensed up and I’d get the feeling of flu like stuff. It did however calm down after about 4 or 5 months of continuous work. When my neck had tension, I seemed to be really bad. But now my neck is not as stiff on a regular basis anymore and I’m more mobile in the neck area than before.

I used to try neck stretches and stuff like that, but I think those actually triggered migraine activity. My advise would be to stay away from any neck exercising or chiropractor even physical therapist’s that have ways of getting a stiff neck loose again. With me, it would take the tension down and then a rebound stiffness would follow shortly after and I’d be really smashed.

But, the jogging and staying fit ultimately led to less neck tension, with that-less headaches/flu like symptoms. And less balance troubles. But again, it has taken months to get to this point. 3 months ago I would still be floored at times with a nasty migraine cycle. Also 3 months ago, I’d go 3-5 days in a row basically normal again. It just took time and honest effort.


Hi Greg,

Very cool what you are describing here. It sounds exactly like me, particularly with the way you describe the neck rebounding and the flu-like symptoms. The more I do neck stretches, the more likely I am to trigger a headache. Too much prodding around at the back of my neck and it can induce dizziness that lasts for hours.

I just spoke to my boss this morning (had yesterday off I felt so wrecked form physical activity Saturday and what seem like a virus ripping through) and she knew a colleague who was pretty messed up with more common migraine. He got stuck into an exercise regimen and almost completely knocked it all on the head.

On Wednesday I’m going to check out a local gym and see about having a few personal training sessions to work out a plan I can use and build up strength without destroying myself in the process. I think this approach (and exercise in general) will work for me in reducing frequency and intensity. I just have to be consistent and increase slowly.

Cheers S 8)


Apart from the multi vitamin you are not on any medicine at all?

I think it’s great that excersize helps circulation, and also boosts neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin…in Germany, depression gets a prescription for excersize before any meds…maybe they’re on to something?


Yea, I can’t stress the importance of exercise enough. It took some tweaking to get it right though. There were also times where I took a week off just to give myself a bit of a break. But it has worked. Even when I would be wrecked, I still kept on and sure enough over the course of the months, getting wrecked just isn’t that bad anymore. I wouldn’t even call it getting wrecked these days. I’d call my wrecked days now “little gliches” that’ll sort out in a day or two and that are low intensity anyway. No Biggie!

I’m working on a success story right now, but I want to make it good and try not to leave out anything. Plus I’m sure I’m gonna have to edit it. I need to keep it short and descriptive.


No I am not on any meds! I’m not against them though. I just seem to sort this out without them. Takes a bit of work, but I am better nonetheless anyway. I’d also prefer to be without them if I can. And so far it’s working out fine without them.


Wow this was such a cool thread for me to read!! I always, thru this whole thing 10 months now, felt better if I took a daily walk of about 20 mins even on the worst days, ambling down the street like a drunk!!

Couldn’t do it of course when I had rotational vertigo, that’s just suicide. I used to let the dizziness stop me, but now I push myself to do it and no more if I am feeling especially bad. When I do feel good enough, I take some time for some gentle yoga poses, lots of stretching.

I meditate too. Almost every day it has changed me in ways I cannot tell you. Good ways!

Anyhow, I have been kicking around the idea of joining this little local gym we have here (I live in the sticks) as he has a range of prices you can pay including a reasonable daily rate. I thought I might go down, explain my situation & see if he couldn’t give me a workout I could do maybe one or two times a week, just to start to build back the strength I have lost over this last year.

It sounds like, push, but don’t push too much, is the key. I’m like you Scott I feel like the worst flu ever if I overdo something.

Exercising too much in the past has always made me exhausted. I think it’s part of the chronic fatigue that I get, that’s associated with this MAV. So I have to be careful.
But you guys are making me want to get back into it! Thanks for the boost :smiley:


That’s awesome that you are better. So happy for you. How long did you exercise before you started feeling better? I’m on my 7th week of jogging. I started a program called couch to 5k. I am up to 2.5 miles per run. I also play golf 2 times per week and go to yoga 1 time per week. Even when I am having an off day I go out jogging. It was kinda weird at first cuz of the rocky boat feeling but to tell you the truth I hardly even notice it anymore while I’m jogging.
Can’t wait to read your success story :smiley:

Greg, congrats to you!

I wish you continued success, but I cannot extend the sentiment to the Lions who are coming here on Monday night!


Yes, you are correct, the key is to work out hard but not too hard. If you exercise every other day, you won’t be overdoing it. A day on and a day rest would be a good balance! And yes, I’ve had plenty of flu like symptoms. Especially the chronic fatigue stuff. I’ve read it all and experienced it all. The bottom line is that it is all most likely migraine related and exercise, sleep, hydration and diet should take you to places you’d probably thought you’d never get back to again.

It does come with sacrifice though. For example, I finally caved in and go to sleep at the same time every night now (even on the weekends), which was tough for me. But I’m so well off now, I can stretch my limits a bit these days. I don’t drink anymore. The one thing I haven’t sacrificed a whole lot lately is my diet. I don’t eat very well, but for some reason, I feel ok. I never could tell if I ever even had a food trigger anyhow. But water is a must!

I also pray a lot more, and I never miss church on Sunday’s anymore. That’s also been a big help!

Kathy G,

I would get little glimpses of good feelings even in the beginning, but i’d have really nasty setbacks and feel like I got beat up. But I’d say it took me months to get to where I’m at. About 5 or 6 months in I’d feel more consistantly better for weeks at a time. Then I’d still get some little nasty setbacks. But you can’t quit. You have to keep going or all that work is for nothing. It will pay off. I also trained for a 5k and I’ll tell you that, setting a goal is a really good idea. That helped me stay focused on my goal. When you said you hardly notice it now when you’re jogging, you reminded me of when I first started experience that. That means it’s working for you! Keep at it and don’t let setback discourage you, you will get past them, just keep on exercising!!!



Thanks, and I wish you continued success!

Yea, the Bears are gonna kick our ass on Monday! We suck!


Thank you for the inspiration!

Glad you are better,


So I’m gradually getting my exercise act together following by Greg’s example. Since getting my screwed up neck fixed in early December, I suddenly have more room to move and am trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. :smiley:

I’m up to 30 sit ups daily, 20 push ups and after work tonight I swam about 500 metres in the ocean (no sharks yet). After swimming I was dizzy as all hell and lying back down on a towel was not an option. MAJOR spin out if I do. But all good now.

The 2013 mission is to get some muscle (6-pack?? … never had one of those … just a one-pack) and fitness going on again in a big way. Hoping this will give me more resilience for computer work all day long.

S 8)

Hi Scott,

I am also going to give exercise a go soon, moderately to start with as Dr Surenthiran advised not to do any undue exertion.

Are you currently on any medication? and also do you mind explaining what your dizzy symptoms have been over the years? did you ever suffer with the walking on a trampoline feeling?