Been a while

I usually have floatiness that last for 3 weeks then goes away and l can live again. But the other morning after not being able to sleep, l turned my head in bed at 7am, and l got this wave of spinning in my head whilst my eyes were closed. I then opened my eyes and couldn’t focus on anything, the entire room was spinning. It lasted about 20 seconds. I sat up and drank water, managed to walk upstairs, drank orange juice and then was extremely nauseated for a few hours. Now l am just left with this awful floaty spaced out feeling, which l have had before, but never the spinning. Is this MAV?

Thanks sue

His Sue
Yes my first episodes of MAV were exactly the same as you have mentioned, waking up to find the room spinning violently, feeling nauseous, sweating profusely, followed by a horrendous migraine level headache and leaving me feeling spaced out and washed out for days.

I now tend to get mini spins, with the aftermath, not sure if that’s down to the topiramate or just the way MAV is deciding to go at the moment.

Hope you’re feeling better take care.

Hi Jackie,
I actually don’t get any kind of a headache. Is it still MAV? I usually get floatiness lasting weeks, like l am on a boat and brain fog, exhaustion, confusion and generally feeling terrible for about 3 weeks, and then it passes and l am fine for months and then it comes back. But it has never come back with true vertigo. I just hope it’s not Meniers. I didn’t get any sounds in my ears with this attack. So not sure.


Hi Sue
Not everyone gets headaches with MAV, I sometimes end up with a horrendous headache after an attack and other times not.

Menieres and MAV have similar symptoms I’m sure you’re neurologist, would be able to put your mind at rest with that.