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Been on nortriptyline for over ten years

I have managed to get down from 85mgs to 35mgs of nortryptaline
I am slowly tapering off as in the last few years the depression and anxiety has become unbearable. I didn’t have depression or anxiety prior to the last few years. I have been on nortryptaline for over ten years. Had anyone else found that nortryptaline has done this? Have no idea what med I am going to try next as tried loads and all give me
Depression anxiety or mood changes. Any advice will be welcomed. The nortryptaline gave me back my life for years x

I haven’t tried nori, but I can say another snri - Effexor treated me the same.

10 yrs for vm did it stop the vertigo?

Yes it made me so well and controlled the migraines. No dizziness on it but last few years, it’s been like I can’t take it anymore.

Were You ok on that one and then just suddenly got depressed and when you dropped it and tried to go back up the anxiety kicked in?

I was on Effexor and steadily got more depressed until I dropped it. I’m not prone to anxiety.

Perhaps while tapering the doctor could add something else in as you are now on quite a low dose of Nori. Maybe an SSRI like sertraline (zoloft) at a low dose or an AD in a different class of drugs. The pizotifen I take has a very mild anti anxiety effect and propanlol (beta blocker) also has anti anxiety properties

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Thank you for this. Sorted this today and am going to try citalopram to help with coming down on the nortryptaline. Will let you know how it goes x

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Totally understand this as noticed the same x

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This may sound silly but is there any way you could try to come off the med as maybe the brain has healed after 10 years ?:grimacing:

What makes you feel so sure that nort is causing the mood changes…10 years is a long time without side effects…could it be other personal or professional stressors ?

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So no vm for ten yrs ? Only coming off from depression ? Here I am scared to try nori