Bein told i could have mav advice needed

Hi everyone im a 27 year old guy who has bein having these lightheaded weird fuzzy head feeling since the end of march,it just cam out of no where and was with me pretty much from when i wake up to when i fall asleep,basically i would just like to list my symptoms and see if they are the same as other peoples! As when i think of vertigo i think of the room spinning but i havent had that mine is more of a lightheadedness fuzzy cotton wool head feeling very weird and hard to describe i cant really seemto focus on anything like im goin into a day dream but not kind of thing,my eyes seem to be straining and i just want to shut them i can do day to day things but its a struggle and uncomfortable when its at its worst i feel slightly better when laid down but better if its in a dark room laid down can anyone else relate to this? As i dont have any spinning room as of yet! My mum,sister amd granny suffer with migranes but not mav! I gwt headaches also but not what i would call a migraine head ache! I always asumed they were sinus headaches but maybe not any help would be apreciated thanks chris

Hey Chris, That does sound like MAV. I think some people have it more severe than others. The fuzzy brain and feeing of lightheadedness is what I got too. Not severe vertigo bouts…I had a sense of falling over at times mostly when it started for me in 2013 but not spinning. Go see a neurologist who knows about migraine associated vertigo and doesn’t write you off as just anxious. It’s not made up or anxiety it’s a physical issue that needs supplements and/or diet modification (see “Heal Your Headache” book) as well as sometimes medicines for migraine. Nortriptyline and Gabapentin helped me a lot but I am sensitive to medicine. I use KAL brand magnesium glycerinate and CoQ10 to calm my brain down :slight_smile: Topamax has helped a lot of other people on the forum. Don’t worry you’ll get better w/ the right treatment and lifestyle! I also feel best when I’m in a dark room and sleeping but I’m functioning well now with the supplements even in places that I’d normally feel very unwell such as highly lit fluorescent areas. Liv

Sounds like MAV to me too. I have the same lightheadedness and cottony sensation (I think of it as brain fog). I also don’t have vertigo episodes thank god, as that sounds terrible. Sometimes the floor feels like it moves up and down very briefly under my feet, but that only happens on bad days and doesn’t last long. The sensation is more or less always there, but sometimes much easier to ignore. Weather affects me a lot. I agree with @liv85, check out the Heal Your Headache book for diet recommendations, and also try magnesium and CoQ-10. I use GNC brand for both of them (magnesium 500mg twice/day, CoQ-10 200mg once/day). I also take GNC brand Vitamin B supplement (50mg once/day). Of course, you should consult a doctor about the supplements (neurologists and neurotologists are best I think), but that is what works for me. Welcome to the forum!