Benadryal and histamines and the like

I’ve noticed that a number of people use things like benedryal or some form of antihistamine to help with their vestibular problems. I find this quite intriguing. Ther is a doc. in NY called Levinson who has been treating people with vestibular problems for many years with antihistamines and other meds and vitamins. He claims a good success rate.

Migraine seems to somehow upset our vestibular system and it goes crazy causing the dizzy problems. I just wonder if there is a relationship between Levinson’s work with people who suffer phobias due to vestibular problems? Maybe some of these people have MAV? Is there any articles that discuss the way MAV inferes with the vestibular causing the dizzies? And has any one had their dizzies lessened by taking anit-histamines?

Hi Dizzyloop

here something about phenergan and migraines,

periactin (cyproheptadine)
is also used for treatment of migraine, in children .


Interesting about peractin being used to treat migraines. I didn’t know there were anti-histamines that actually were used for that. My general thinking says that anti-h’s are given more to mask/hide the symptoms, rather than getting at the root cause and treating that. Sounds like this one may work a bit differently.

I’ve had some help with anti-histamines (I take meclinze) but that isn’t really treaing the cause of my vertigo, just helping with the symptoms. I haven’t tried any others.

I’m wondering if his vitamin regime is anything at all like the “John’s of Ohio” treatment.

I’d like to think this doctor is treating his patients with anti-h’s and vitamins because they treat the underlying problem. Any doctor can prescribe things to treat the symptoms, it would be nice to know someone in the vertigo field knows what he is doing and is prescribing these because he has proof they get at the original problem.

Dizzyloopy, do you have any other info on this, any articles that talk about what Dr. Levinson prescribes?