Benzo for bad days?

I’m having a really bad day spinning wise today. It’s going at 100mph and I can’t do anything without overwhelming anxiety. All I can feel is the spinning no matter how much I distract myself. I can usually cope with the dizziness and distract myself from it, but day’s like this it’s so fast and overwhelming I just can’t cope. I can’t speak to anyone, I can’t watch or listen to anything, all I can feel is the spinning. I am seriously considering taking diazepam as my quality of life at the moment is just awful. I am bed bound. I haven’t taken a benzo before, do they dampen the spinning slightly? I for sure won’t be using benzo’s as a long term fix, but on days like this I feel that I need something to help. I was going to start my amitriptyline tonight, but I am worried because my symptoms are so bad. Maybe I should hold off?

I have 2mg of diazepam that I could try.

Hi Ray, I’m sorry your day is going so bad for you. I’ve no experience of benzos but many on this site do so perhaps take a look via the search engine to see can you find any guidance to help you make a decision. My thoughts are benzos like all meds have both positives and negatives. As today stands for you, only you know your absolute limits and what you can push through, personally speaking at the start of my journey over 3 years ago I put myself thru the wars and pushed thru too much at times ignoring a med that could help. If you’re maxed out consider taking it for today and figure out tomorrow, tomorrow.

On the amitrip, I’m on effexor and propranolol… I took 18 months to decide to go on meds and I regret it. My anxiety about meds was off the charts and held me back. There is no perfect time to take meds but if you take the benzo today don’t take ami tonight just because you want to know what’s doing what. Best of luck whatever you decide, hope the days improve for you.


I say yes, either way you’ll know whether it helps or not on bad days. Nothing wrong with taking a Benzo now and again, that’s what they’re for.


I wouldn’t. The day I swallowed my first preventative I was exactly as you describe you are, totally bed bound, totally unable to stand up on my own actually. I was experiencing room spinning vertigo every time I opened my eyes for 8 days and nights at a stretch. Think long term. Long term, fingers crossed, amitriptyline may be your answer to control. Perhaps the one advantage I had over you is where I live in England doctors don’t prescribe benzos.

Thank you. I’ve managed to hold off and am going to start the ami tonight. I really appreciate your response. This illness makes me feel so alone and that life as I knew it is over. I’m 22 and was just starting to get things on track career wise and was starting to settle down with my boyfriend. I hope I can get back to some normality.

Thank you :slight_smile: I managed to hold off this time, but I am going to consider it if I have another bad episode. I really think I’m putting myself through too much and it’s having a big impact on my recovery.

I’m going to start on the ami tonight. Thanks for your response. I’m in England too, I have diazepam as my mental health sent me into hospital when this all started. Really hope the ami makes a difference, even if it’s just a slight change!

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Good luck Ray!

thank you :slight_smile: