Hi everyone,

After trying many many many different kinds of medicines my neuro has reluctantly turned to benzos. He put me on 5mg on Valium 2x/day just for five days hoping to give a little reset to my system. For someone who has side effects to every medication I try, I was so surprised that I really handled the Valium with little to no side effects. After about an hour of initial dizziness/fogginess I was able to function almost normally for the next six hours it was in my system. I know the Valium was temporary but it was nice to have those few days of life back. Anyway, now he wants me to try klonopin. He said it is longer acting then the Valium and I can stay on it a little longer then the Valium. I know they’re in the same family but I was wondering if anyone’s had any experience in the differences between Valium and klonopin? I’m hoping I get some relief from the klonopin with little side effects as well! I should also mention I take topamax as well. Thanks in advance!