I was wondering if anyone has tried benzodiazepines? My doctor suggested I try xanax or one of those drugs. I am always scared to try new meds and still havent tried any besides dramamine (which doesnt really count). I get pretty anxious from this condition and he thinks I would do well with xanax. I have heard some bad things about these drugs and was wondering if it helped someone or made it worse for anyone? or if it did anything to help with the dizziness?

Ashley…your probably going to get various responses. All I can tell you is Xanax has helpled me more than any prescription drug over the past 17 years. Believe me…i have tried numerous anti-depressants and anxiety meds. For some reason Xanax has gotten me through some of my worst times with this condition.


Hi Ash,
Mav’ers do find benzo’s help.
They calm down the vestibular,( dampen symptoms)
I use them for sleep.
They’re also a strong anticonvulsant, so benzo’s help to slow down the CSD.

You sound like you allready understand the problems with these meds such as dependance/tollerance issues.
so I wont go there.
I found xanax is one of the worst ones for dependance for me,but others sware by it, I preffer valium.

Also there is a med called Busapr that works well and isnt a benzo, Kelly put me on to it.
It has no tollerance/dependance probs and works just as well as xanax, it hits the 5HT receptors too ,
which gives you a nice pick me up.
although if you have trouble with sleeping , it may not suit you.

unfortunately I had to stop using it for now, as it dosnt mx well with my propranolol.
once I’m established on propranolol , I might go back to it.

all the best

Thanks guys for your input. How long have you been on the anti anxiety drugs? I’ve heard you are only supposed to take them for a couple weeks? I am very worried about becoming dependent on them. I have also heard that you can get a tolerance from them and have to Increase your dosage. Another thing I’m worried about is withdrawl symptoms…I’ve read some pretty bad things online about that. Do any of you here suggest taking them and think they will help me or do u think I should not because it could just make condition worse?

Hey Ash,

Hands down, valium is the best drug I’ve ever come across for both migraine and any fleeting associated anxiety control. I hate that it’s got this addiction and tolerance problem associated with it. I’d be throwing valium back like muffins if it did not have those properties.


Yup, I’ve used them and still do. Xanax was a wonder at preventing dizzy spells if taken before stressful situations. It also puts me to sleep guarenteed. Valium used to work for mellowing out a dizzy spell to the point I could tolerate and put me to sleep if I wasn’t active enough. Doesn’t do much for me anymore. Klonopin didn’t do much over all except help with tooth grinding and helped regulate sleep. Klonopin had a very nasty withdrawal though, so I don’t really recommend that one. If taken "as needed’ and not daily there should’ be no problem or little problem with addiction. I took the Klonopin daily so I paid the price. :roll:

My first response is benzos are your friend! LOL. But seriously, they help out MAVers a great deal. The thing to remember here, like any medication, is that they affect people differently. I can tell you that Klonopin has helped me a great deal and I have no problems with it low dose AND at a low dose, coming off it one should not have a problem says my doc. In fact, he recommended Klonopin for that reason, so I am not sure why Brian had such a problem. But that is the key - the lower the dose, the less likely you are to have withdrawal problems. I am on one of the lowest doses possible for over a year and haven’t had to increase the dose. And no, most don’t only stay on them for a few weeks - more like months or longer.

Are you guys on any other meds for migraines? I know they are supposed to be used for just certain situations like ones where you get anxious. The problem for me is that I get anxious and more dizzy at work (mon-fri)…so would I take them every day before work or do you think that is too much?

Brian - How high of a dose were you on with the Klonopin?

bcrelief - You are right everyone is different and so everyone reacts differently to drugs. I would definitely want to start at a low dose. Has anyone stopped taking it and there dizziness came back worse or have had bad effects from it that didnt go away b/c i have heard that has happened?

Ashley - I am on Topamax as well as Klonopin. The first is for the migraines, the second for the balance (and anxiety). I take both every day, the Klonopin half the pill in the morning and half in the evening. When you should take a benzo depends on what type you are taking and the strength of it. Be sure to consult your doctor besides reading our posts. I am taking .5 mg of Klonopin btw.

Best, Bonnie

Ash – I’m currently taking a low dose of Paxil and lately have been chewing on about 2.5 mg of valium daily. Paxil keeps my mood in a much better place but doesn’t do much for MAV at the current dose. Valium however, seems to lessen the neck pain and I have more clarity the next day at work as long as I avoid the usual food triggers too.


Hi. I can only speak for valium. I’ve been on 2 mg as needed for years. The last year it went to 5 mg as needed. I take it when I need it as it soothes my ears (pain, pressure) and I have Meniere’s bilateral and silent migraines. I’m not sure yet how it’s helping my migranes as I’m so new to this. I’m still trying to figure this all out.

Too hard.

Hi Sally – what was the withdrawal like? Thanks … S

I was on Ativan but did wean myself off it last month…only minor withdrawals. I’m trying to get Valium “as needed” from my gp since benzos do take off the edge when I’m “dipping”.

Bonnie - I am going to talk to a pyshiatrist about it actually but it will take awhile to get in and see her so I’m trying to decide what I want to do until then.

Sally - How long were you on the Klonopin before you decided to come off of it? I’ve heard you can be on it for only a couple weeks until you can have withdrawls from it but maybe I read that wrong?

I’ll ask the psychiatrist but do you guys know which benzo is the safest or which works the best? Thanks!

I take a different benzo, Librium (chlordiazepoxide) 5 mg before bed. It has a long half-life and is commonly used for alcohol withdrawal. My neurologist swore I would have no problem stopping it if I wanted. Xanax is NOT good b/c of the short half-life; that fosters dependence. You’d feel the downs and ups. The Librium along with amitriptyline and Effexor have given me my life back. I know someone who had vertigo in the 60s after having her kids (which is when mine started - after the kids, not the in the 60s:). She said Valium helped her a lot.

On a different topic - man, the heat and humidity killed me today. Haven’t had as much vertigo and dizziness in months! Must be more careful in the future…

The withdrawals from Klonopin were very difficult and my doctor also swore that there would not be any problem from less than .5 mgs. It is an individual thing and I tried switching to Valium after awhile which did not help that much. If something is working why go off of it, when it stops and increasing the dose only makes things worse, than it is time to work off slowly and hope that something else works.

I won’t go into complete details here but suffice it to say, if you have to come off because they have stopped working go slower than you can imagine to make the process easier. If they are working, enjoy your life!!

I think we are all aware (or get awareness after reading this forum!) of the fear of benzo dependence/tolerance. I have heard from both my internist and phychiatrist, that the level of medicine I take won’t cause any problems.
They are both fairly conservative with medications. I take 1/4 of my 0.5 mg Klonopin. I try not to take it every day, but it helps clean up a little bit more of the leftover symptoms that I don’t get relieved from the Cymbalta and BuSpar. Sometimes I can’t believe all the medicine I take to try and feel normal. That doesn’t even count the bunches of supplements… B vitamins, magnesium, CoQ10, fish oils…my counter looks like a drug store. :smiley: