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Best doctors in USA

Good day everyone,

I am planning to visit usa for dizziness treatment. Therefore, i would be very grateful if you could provide me with best doctors names/city/clinic address or email address. From your experience

I heard about dr timothy hain & dr carol foster but i cant get their details.

Thanks all,


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Thank you Helen :heart:

Any other advices ?

If I was flying to US for MAV treatment I would love to see Dr Hain. His website is a MAV Bible and his clinic has huge footfall from which he can and does gain vast experience and it is his only field of interest. I know nothing of your history or symptoms. You don’t seem to have posted it anywhere as yet but anyway my question would be. Why do you feel you need to travel for another opinion? I understand you have already been to a top London clinic. What do you expect to gain? What diagnosis have you been given? I thought you had just started Nortriptyline as a preventative? Why not treat it in your own country? If you have had the condition for a long time, tried all the lifestyle changes, particularly caffeine and diet and several drugs to no avail maybe look elsewhere. All the doctors use the same drugs in different preferred orders and which works is just trial and error. There’s no quick fix I’m sorry to say.

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Thank you dear for your advice.

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I see you are getting a difficult journey. I can sympathise. I was misdiagnosed with ‘crystals’ - aka BPPV - for 12 years and had nearly as many Epleys as dinners, and no other treatment offered. Eventually I saw ENT who couldn’t give me a diagnosis but suggested VRT, You might be surprised to hear me say this but you were lucky with VRT. You had no result. I did VRT extensively for six months until it knocked out my balance completely and made me ten times worse. Many MAVers cannot tolerate it. Unfortunate the neurologist you saw failed you. Many doctors worldwide are pretty ignorant about balance conditions and particularly MAV but a neurologist should have been able to do better than that. Good luck with your trip to the US.