Best migraine medication

What is the best migraine medication you have tried, and why is it the best? I’ve had migraines off and on for years, due to a car accident. The last 2 years, the migraines have cropped up more often and my doctor will prescribe a migraine med for me to have on hand. The problem is, she says that they are all very similar.

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  1. Aspirin for headaches and neck pain (up to 1000 mg)

  2. Paroxetine (2.5 mg) for overall stability both physically and emotionally

  3. Valium (2.5-5 mg) for “bad” days and when there’s too much visual vertigo going on

  4. Living a migraine lifestyle as outlined in the MAV Survival Guide

  5. A dose of Milo twice a week (vitamin blast)

  6. Citalopram was a good med in many ways and I stayed on it for years but in the end I could no longer tolerate a few side effects

That’s my formula that I’ve stuck with for over 2 years (Milo for about 3 months) and all is pretty darn good. So there is no one best med for me.

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I am not on any yet, but would love to see what others think :slight_smile:

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  1. A dose of Milo twice a week (vitamin blast)

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Scott, I’m curious - what is this Milo that you speak of? An actual formula or a combo of vitamins?

I’ll chip in on Milo (I’m an Australian, same as Scott).

It’s a malted choc stuff that you add to milk to make a drink:

It’s full of vitamins, protein and calcium.

It stays kind of crunchy in your glass so it’s yummo!

The last really bad migraine lasted 5 days…i went to my dr & he gave me Relpax…within 2hrs my headache was gone. Its good, but very expensive.

In terms of abortive meds, I agree with the post above me about Relpax stuff is so $$ (think it averages out to be $29 a pill), but I take one and within an hour my migraine is gone. I don’t suffer from a “migraine hangover” the next day either