Best Neuro in USA

I’d love to hear who you all have gone to that you feel has given the proper diagnosis and is well versed in MAV. I have already contacted Dr. Hain’s office and he is scheduling out 4 months. I’d rather not wait that long.


Sorry, the neurologists are all super busy. I waited that long (read: suffered) just to get the registered neurological nurse at the headache clinic. Well respected here in WA, but certainly not nationally. Even amongst neurologists, MAV is mostly unfamiliar.

I’m not sure if my Neurologist is well versed in MAV, but he’s pretty good with migraines in general and is open to my ideas (based on what I read from this forum). But still, its like a 2 month wait for new patients.

what about Cherchi, Hain’s partner?

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Thanks. I just called and filled out the new patient questionnaire. We will see when they have availability!

The best doctor I’ve seen for a diagnosis was not a neurologist but otologist Dennis Poe, MD, PhD, at MEEI. However, he was only seeing pediatric patients, not sure if that has changed, and as an otologist, he would diagnose but refer to a neurologist for treatment and management. Nearly all the rest of the doctors I saw, including at a Mayo Clinic, told me it was “all in my head.” It was, but not the way they implied.

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all in your head? im very sorry, that is unbelievable

Dr. Adrian Priesol neuro, and Steven Rauch ENT both at MEEI.