Beta Blockers/ Channel Blockers

What of these have any of you found that work in controlling your vertigo motion symptoms?

I have to be careful since I already have low blood pressure but before I go to the new doctor next week I was wondering what your thoughts on the effectiveness of these type preventatives are or have been for you all?

My cardiologist said that the beta blockers would probably be better for me since I already have low blood pressure as I told you before it runs normally 90/60 and sometimes lower first thing in the morning. Now my heart rate is a bit high 90-100 which he did not seem overly concerned about. Since I am small and I am a smoker (which he said I need to quit) can contribute to this.

What are your thoughts and what about the side effects?

Hmm, I thought beta blockers lowered blood pressure more often than CCBs did, but I’m not going to argue with a cardio! :lol:
At 90/60 I’m not sure I would be comfortable with either, but again, if a cardio doesn’t have anything to say about it… I guess I would be.
Common side effects of BBs seem to be mostly fatigue, and (well, duh) low blood pressure and/or heart rate.

Not a lot of info in here, but I figured I’d post what little I “know” about them. :slight_smile:

That was my thought also but I will discuss it further with my neurologist. It may not be what he recommends but I wanted to find out before I went to see him next week.

Yes, Tran and Timeless, Hain told me the same thing, CCBs would be the thing both a low heart rate and low blood pressure. For me, if i had needed one, he would have gone with verapamil next. In fact, he gave me a prescription in case I wanted to try it. He did say definitely no to BBs.


I tried a Beta Blocker first (propranolol), it lowered my BP quite a bit (not a bad thing for me as I’m borderline high) and did nothing for the dizziness. Also had terrible exercise intolerence with it - couldn’t get my heart rate up during exercise - ready to collapse after 3 minutes on a treadmill at a slow jog. Switched to a Calcium Channel blocker (verapamil). Minimal effect on my blood pressure (I’m back to borderline high). Minimal exercise intolerance. Mild postural hypotension - I hear my heart pounding loudly when I stand up suddenly or stretch - also sometimes a bit of light headedness when standing because the blood vessels cannot contract normally to maintain BP during position changes. This is mild and causes me no real problems. I mention it only because it was a bit scary 'till I figured out what was going on. Vertigo improved signifcicantly after going on the verapamil. Whether as a result of the medication or something else I don’t know. Of the two medications, the verapamil definitely has given me fewer side effects than the propranolol and I would concur with the others who have weighed in that V would probably be a better choice for you. My only concern would be that perhaps with your BP already running so low you might experience more pronounced postural hypotension that I have. Something you might want to discuss with your doctor.

Good luck


Jason has put off getting a refill prescription for Verapamil for at least a week, about 3 different times in the last 6 months. Each time he’s off it for more then a day or two I have noticed that his headaches seem to get worse and seem to stick around a couple days. However he is off Cymbalta (he ran out…and just kind of let it go lol…) and I can’t really tell if he’s been the same or worse for the last 3 weeks he’s been without it. So for him anyway, the verapamil definitely seems to keep him stable. I think they tried to put him on Imapramine before the Verapamil (or maybe it was before the Cymbalta) and that made him really bad he only took that for about 2 weeks and then asked for a different script.