Bilateral Nasal Specific Technique aka nose balloons

Anyone ever tried Bilateral Nasal Specific Technique aka nose balloons especially with Dr Siegfried in Oregon? I was recommended it as my physical therapist shoves her fingers up my nose to adjust a joint in the back of the sinus called the sphenobasilar joint. It is a joint between the sphenoid bone which lives behind your eyeballs and the occiput.

She says a nose balloon may be better and a chiropractor I know says Siegfried is the best on earth for doing this and he said he thinks he can help but I’ll be quite expensive ($1800 not including the trip there I live in San Francisco;(. He said he likely will need to see me 7 times in about a week and a half.

My slight dizziness started in 2005 probably from parasites but then it got a lot worse and constant VM in 2011 probably from stress and other things lowering my threshold. I’m always feel like I’m drunk on a boat. I have chronic sinusitis as well, but I just deal with that and Flonase and such haven’t helped in the past and I’ve been cleared by multiple ENTs and told by many neurologists that I have VM (all xrays CTs MRIs are negative). 

Dr. Sigfried kept asking have I been hit in the head but the only times I’ve been hit in the head was the face which didn’t seem to be related to dizziness and then hit in the head a bunch in 2013 after the dizziness was already horrible