I have my first appointment using biofeedback tomorrow. My neurologist made the referral. It is supposed to help with pain and with getting warmer hands and feet. Not sure about helping with dizziness, but my guess would be it could help with the anxiety that the dizziness causes me. Anybody else here ever tried biofeedback? Did it help?

I was referred to biofeedback at the Mayo clinic.
I found it to help a little…like meditation, but overall, the meds did the trick for me.
Good luck!

Hi there –

Biofeedback is a good way to practice relaxation – almost a meditation of sorts – and that will certainly help to raise your migraine threshold.

S :slight_smile:

I tried it, no benefit. But I’m a recalcitrant cuss: acupuncture did squat for me, too. Following the diet pretty rigorously plus a fairly high dose of nortriptyline, plus considerable regular exercise, and I do quite well.

Thanks for the input…I had my appointment and it felt good to relax. As soon as I hit rush hour traffic… in the rain coming home… that was gone…lol. I’m supposed to listen to a CD and practice each day. Supposedly it should take 5 sessions to teach me what I need to know. The theory is that by relaxing the smooth muscles that line the blood vessels it would help alleviate some of the pain/discomfort, etc. My hands and feet are always cold which is an effect of migraine they say. Now that I’m taking a beta-blocker it is even worse, so I am hoping it helps with that. If it doesn’t help with the dizziness I’m hoping I can utilize it for helping the damn anxiety that accompanies it!

David-I am finding the diet is working well with preventing the headaches. Now I just need to get my butt in gear and do the exercising :!: