Birth control pills yes or no?

hi all,

i’ve been on effexor since may, going up very, very slowly. i would say i am 50% better at the moment, some days are completely normal and most bad days are lessened in severity and i can still go about my life. i am very happy with the success I’ve had so far but i’d like to improve more. i am now slowly moving up to 75mg on effexor. considering how horrible i was before the lowest dose probably wouldn’t of gotten rid of it completely for me.

i really like effexor but it’s messed up my periods / hormones somehow. i now have periods every 22 days instead of 28 and they last a week long. they are much heavier and i have horrible cramps. i also have had such an increase in cystic acne since being on it. i don’t why it would mess up hormones (or maybe my hormones are fucked up anyway with a healthy brain LOL).

anyway i’m considering a birth control pill now because the week of my periods the MAV definitely rears it’s ugly head. if i could keep my hormones steady, improve acne and help my periods - i would be super happy.

i’m considering yasmin as it’s good for all these things listed. have any other ladies had good or bad experiences on bcp? i just don’t want it to worsen the MAV.

I’ve had similar issues to you (acne and increased symptoms around my period) so my doctor is putting me on the mini-pill. Medical journal articles say that the drop in estrogen at the end of our cycle makes symptoms worse, so I’m not sure why I’ve been put on a progesterone-only pill.
I’ve also started taking Vitamin B tablets to regulate my hormones.