Bit of a relapse-need encouragement

Hello everyone. I was feeling very optimistic about my treatment, and still am…BUT…for the past several days I have had some symptoms come back. Not as bad as before, but still enough to make me panic alittle. For those that have gone through this, can you please give me some insight? I really don’t like feeling this way again. I have my followup appt w/ Dr. Oas on Monday…

Encouragement . . . hmmm . . . . Relapses suck.

OTOH, ups tend to be followed with downs, downs with ups. I don’t know whether that will help with the panic, but I hope so. If it does, that should smooth things out for you in itself.


Can you identify why the relapse may have happened? Did anything change in your life? Look for possible triggers - stress, food, bright lights, lack of or too much sleep - anything like that?


Relapses happen (unfortunately :frowning: ). Sometimes there are obvious triggers (you didn’t get enough sleep, you ate a pile of cheese and drank a bottle of red wine) and sometimes it’s just spontaneous. The good news is it can work the other way too - spontaneous remissions.

If you can identify a trigger, great - you know the culprit. If not, just try not to stress about it too much as, you guessed it, stress can be a trigger also.

Hang in there and good luck with the Dr’s appointment!

“This too shall pass!”

My dizziness is usually only mild when I get it now, and usually doesn’t stick around very long, but I do have breakthrough migraine headaches (even with all the Topamax I’m on!). We’d all like to think we’ve got this thing licked, but it doesn’t work like that. When I have a headache - and recently, I had one that was that was close to as bad as they get for me - I get frustrated because I’m on something that’s supposed to prevent these things. But nothing in medicine works that way (not even birth control comes with a 100% guarantee!).

It’s easy to get discouraged, but since you’ve had a good response to treatment this is likely to be just what you’ve called it in the title of your post: “a bit of a relapse,” and you’ll be feeling better soon.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I am feeling better today. I think it must have been a trigger. The only thing I can think of is I had cereal with skim milk and turkey sausage. I thought I read that dairy products might effect this. I know last week when I tried sourdough bread that was a big mistake. It is so hard to figure out exactly what are triggers (except for the definite ones of chocolate and nuts/peanut butter) I guess it is trial and error, but i sure do hate when it’s error! I’ll post after my Drs. appointment. Hopefully he’ll have some good news! Have a great weekend!

Ugh…symptoms stink!!! It could have been the turkey sausage, and your right…it can be so hard to figure out what the triggers were. Hang in there though, the way I see my preventative meds is that they sort of put a hedge around having “THE BIG ONE” like I had that statred this whole thing. In other words, I still have symptoms and some times worse then others, but my meds keep them “contained”