Blackouts out and seizures?

Just wanted to throw this out to see if anyone one has suffered from this as well…

… so recently I have had a blackout out and a seizure, I had one 8 months ago and another one 2 days ago. These are very rare for this to happen to me, and I’m now curious if anyone else has had them or similar, and any advice to what do if they do occur. Xx

So sorry to hear you have this problem. I have no medical training but I don’t think they are common MAV symptoms. Their occurrence with this condition obviously carries some significance. I say that because every time I have seen an investigating consultant I have always been asked whether I have ever lost consciousness with MAV. Could well be it occurs in certain migraine types. If you haven’t already done so I would suggest you discuss them with your medical provider. Best case scenario would be it gives some indication of a root cause which just might be easier to control than just attempting the usual migraine preventatives.


Hi Coco

How awful for you. I would definitely get a referral to a Neurologist and let them do some tests and see what they think. It could be any number of things. Do this ASAP.

I hope you don’t have more blackouts but if it you do then I’d go to A&E after it happens or at least call (111 NHS if you are in the UK) or your doctor. They may want to see you and run some tests as close to the seizure happening as possible. If someone lives with you if possible they could video the seizure and you could show it to the doc as that can help with diagnosis.

My 18 year old son had a couple of blackouts and suspected seizures when he started to get migraines a couple of years ago, we took him to see a neurologist who did a lot of simple tests at the appointment. My son also got an MRI and saw a guy at the eye hospital too. It helped put our minds at ease. Get the referral.

All the Best