Blood Test Results What does this mean?

I have put a call into the doctor but as of yet have not received a call back. Last week I requested copies of my blood work that has been done this year and after reviewing it discovered some areas that are listed as being in the low range that were not mentioned in follow up visits or phone calls. I have looked them up on the net and found some information but was wondering if anyone could give addtional information…

Both this past month ant the last two times I had the blood work done these were low.

BUN=5 Range 5-26
BUN/Creatine Ratio=6 Range 8-27
TIBC =241 Range=250-500
UIBC=145 Range=150-375
Reticulocyte Count=0.4% Range=0.5%-3.0%

I am wondering if any of this could be contributing to the problems I am having …I am very curious as to what all this means in the total picture.

An infor would be appreciated.

Hi Timeless,
It means you are fine :slight_smile:
Don’t worry… being barely out of the range is nothing to be alarmed about and most docs will not even mention as there is no problem