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Blue Badges for ‘Hidden Illnesses’

Just heard today on the News that the ‘Blue Badge’ Scheme, used in the UK to give people with disabilities enhanced parking rights, has been extended to include certain ‘Hidden’ Illnesses. Anxiety, Autism and Dementia were each mentioned but theoretically this should also cover all Invisible Illnesses of which MAV/VM is one. A test case would be of interest. One parent of an autistic five year old has already been turned down it seems. The reason why was not given. Helen


Initially I’m thinking this is great news, but labelling can also have negative effects and posting this on a car - well isn’t that a can of worms given the DVLA’s apparent opinions on this condition?

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Yes, true. My brother has always refused the offer if a ‘Disabled’ Badge for the reason. He suffers chronic back pain for reasons never yet probably discovered. When you get to thinking about ‘Disabled’ labelling from my own cynical view it could prove a whole new can if worms. A car with a ‘Disabled’ badge outside the windows might just encourage a potential burglar. However these days I think most people only carry then in the car when necessary, not permanently attached. Helen