Blue light filter apps?

Hello! I am new here, first post. Diagnosed with MAV for about 4 months, sxs started in February of this year.

I was wondering if anyone has tried a blue light filter app on their smart phone and if it reduced symptoms at all. Do you recommend a particular app?


Can you achieve that simply by switching it into night mode?

I’ve found Amitriptyline very effective at small dose in allowing me to comfortably use computers and devices

My phone doesn’t seem to have that feature. I can switch to negative colors, which I use on my Kindle app. It works well for all text, but photos, look like, well, negatives! :wink:

I’ve tried two, but I’ll preface this by saying that my phone isn’t a trigger for me so this was more to prevent myself from feeling too awake at night as I read.

Blue Light Screen Filter, or something along those lines, was truly excellent. However, it always got in the way of installing new apps - everytime an app had to ask for permissions I’d have to turn off the filter, go back to the app, restart, give permissions, then go turn the filter back on. I got sick of this eventually and just uninstalled it.

I have Eye Filter now but I haven’t really been paying it too much attention. When I need the filter most (at night) I can use my book-reading app’s backlight options to achieve the effect I want (extreme dimness).

On iPhone and iPad it’s called Night Shift in General → Display & Brightness

Thank you for the feedback