Blurred vision

Hi all

My left eye sometimes goes blurred. Anyone get this?

I get blurred vision very often and as such my optician has given me stronger lenses and glasses. Since starting pizotifen I find my vision has gone crystal clear can see for miles. Maybe coincidence but seeing it as a symptom gone. Also its only day 4 but from very first tablet my chronic daily headache disappeared. Look up vertical heterophoria re blurred vision and disturbances there is something in it I an sure for some of our symptoms. Angela

I get blurred vision quite a lot, usually happens when I am watching the tv, suddenly everything is a bit blurred, I look around the room and thats all blurred too, often lasts up to 5 minutes then goes.


Does anyone have a symptom where you stare at a object and after 5 seconds it starts to blur but clears up if you blink? I just noticed this symptom today and it seems to be consistent. For example if I stare at a sign thats 20 feet away if i keep staring at it without blinking it will start to blur for me