Body Jerks

Sometimes just before I fall asleep my body will jerk - I’ve been told this is normal which is fine. Today I’m sitting at the computer and all of a sudden my body jerked for no reason, just like before I go to sleep. Have had MRI, CT and EEG, epilepsy and MS ruled out. Has anyone else experienced this? It kind of freaked me out! :frowning:

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Yes, I get this too. It happens once or twice a month. It depends on how MAVed up I’m feeling but sometimes I can be sitting at the computer here at work and my whole body does this jolt. It happens much more frequently before dozing off to sleep as well. I think it’s totally “normal” and part of the fallout we can expect when migraine is active and doing a number on our nervous system like it does. Perhaps the “jolt” is yet another diagnostic indicator.

Best … Scott 8)

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I usually get body jerks before I fall asleep too!! I always thought it was because I woke myself up right before I fell into my sleep cycle. I’m not sure if it’s related to migraines though. The body jerks don’t happen frequently - maybe once a week.

Makes sense Scott since my monthly migraine is acting up (sorry boys!). Never thought this could be another MAV issue though.

They are a form of “myoclonic jerks.” So are hiccups. “Sleep starts” or “hypnic jerks” happen to a lot of people just as they are starting to fall asleep. None of these are serious unless they interfere with functioning, such as by continuing to occur in rapid succession and for such a long time as to get in the way of your life or your sleep.

I learned about this because I have a related condition - periodic limb movements in sleep (which is not the same as restless leg syndrome). I was reading up on my condition (my legs sometimes jerk in my sleep, but only my husband knows - I sleep right through it) and I learned about this stuff in my research.

The “jerks” before falling asleep happen to most people as far as I’m aware whether or not you’re a migraineur. But the jerks during the day is not normal and I do get them occasionally if particularly symptomatic and worse if tired.


Yea, I actually noticed this a few weeks ago that my body jerks in bed just before I fall asleep sometimes. I got a little freaked out about it, but I’m glad to read here that it’s normal. Thank God!!


Greg -

I asked my neuro when I was at my appointment today about that and she said it was normal to jerk right before you fall asleep. I too was relieved to hear that!!!


I get it but it’s like I’m lightly dreaming that I’ve tripped off the curb or up a step or something and then I jolt awake with a start!! :shock:

I get these weird brain rushes very occasionally during the day (only started since MAV), it’s like I’ll be looking at something and then I get this brain bolt (not the same as my other brain electric shock attacks)…

Today my brain feels like its going to squeeze out of my earholes!! :evil:

I am not a migraniur and I have had this happen probably 50 times within my lifetime.

My sweetie has commented on my jerking around in my sleep. It’s sent her out to the couch on some occasions.

This week has just been sucky, rainy and with more rain forecast, and my head reacting. Both times I’ve tried to swim this week, I’ve spaced out after just a handful of laps and found myself in the changing room without remembering the decision to leave the pool. I’ll try again tomorrow. Better a few laps than no exercise at all beyond hand weights and climbing stairs.

Hi ,
Yes I’ve had that for years, mostly when I’m sitting.
I also have what David mentions sometimes I wont know what I am doing or have no recall why I am in the kitchen, and have put my hubbies mobile phone in the fridge…
altered awareness happens all the time.