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Body vibrations

Do you have this symptom when having a vestibular migraine?
My body starts vibrating from head to my legs and my body feels like it is being electrocuted with vibrations.
If so do you know what medicine have you found that works to stop that? So far I haven’t found a medicine that cures it.

Try the ‘amplification’ section. Never experienced that myself but I get the tingling/shivery ‘I’m about to go down with the flu’ type sensation which @Amylouise refers to as her ‘Goosebumps’. Everybody describes these things differently. Just maybe you have an extreme case that feels even worse still. Helen

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Holly cow! @Onandon03 this is exactly how I’ve been feeling for the past two day, a sensation of “goosebumps” throughout my body without the actual physical goosebumps, I couldn’t find a way to describe it

There you see. One man’s Imminent Flu is another’s Goosebumps, and possibly a third’s Electric Shocks thru the body. Everybody feels and describes each sensation differently. Helen


I feel cold and sort of sick a lot - goosebumps and imminent flu. Had that electrocution feeling detoxing from Effexor.

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