Body vibrations

Do you have this symptom when having a vestibular migraine?
My body starts vibrating from head to my legs and my body feels like it is being electrocuted with vibrations.
If so do you know what medicine have you found that works to stop that? So far I haven’t found a medicine that cures it.

Try the ‘amplification’ section. Never experienced that myself but I get the tingling/shivery ‘I’m about to go down with the flu’ type sensation which @Amylouise refers to as her ‘Goosebumps’. Everybody describes these things differently. Just maybe you have an extreme case that feels even worse still. Helen


Holly cow! @Onandon03 this is exactly how I’ve been feeling for the past two day, a sensation of “goosebumps” throughout my body without the actual physical goosebumps, I couldn’t find a way to describe it

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There you see. One man’s Imminent Flu is another’s Goosebumps, and possibly a third’s Electric Shocks thru the body. Everybody feels and describes each sensation differently. Helen


I feel cold and sort of sick a lot - goosebumps and imminent flu. Had that electrocution feeling detoxing from Effexor.

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Thank you so much for posting this. I realize you may no longer be here since this is from 2019, but nevertheless I am relieved to find someone describe exactly what I am experiencing.

I feel like I am plugged into an electric socket. :zap::zap:Internal vibrations from head to toe. Sometimes the vibrations are so strong and electrical that I cannot lie on my left side because I feel them in my chest near my heart. They wake me up at night. They come on suddenly anytime. They last for days and sometimes weeks. Occasionally I will get a day without them and I am so grateful. I have told every doctor, but no answers yet. My pain management doctor did mention a central nervous system issue, since I already have CRPS. I did read through the reference cited below regarding migraine amplification. :+1: I found someone describe “earthquake on topamax” but my electrical body vibrations began prior to starting topamax.

I wonder if anyone else out there is currently experiencing these internal tremors and if anyone has any suggestions on what to do to help them calm down?

I have tried calming teas passionflower, valerian root, ginger, lavender (can’t do chamomile due to ragweed allergy), essential oils, breathing, meditation, yoga, Epsom salt baths… nothing is helping…

Very interested to see this post. I started having these vibrations occasionally when my VM started in September.
They only happen when I’m asleep and seem to be part of the waking process.
My whole body from toes to my head vibrates quite strongly. No idea if it’s an actual physical vibration or just a sensation in my head.
I still get it now I’m on amitriptyline but less frequently.

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I began having internal vibrations a few months after VM began in 2016. At first, my hand started to visibly shake, then the shakiness moved to a beating sensation in my chest, and fast vibrations spread to my neck and back of head. My heart tests were fine. My GP prescribed Propranolol 80 and symptoms decreased about 40%. When they got worse again, neurologist #2 upped the drug to 120. The beating is mostly gone, now I feel like my chest and sometimes back of head are vibrating quickly, You are not alone!


I’m glad to hear I’m not alone!

I still get these body vibrations. They come and go. Sometimes they are quite severe, visible and troubling. Other times, they are super annoying - sort of like tinnitus, but throughout my entire body - a humming, electrical high frequency pulsation.

My Pain Management doctor mentioned that it may be an issue with my central nervous system and my upcoming Ketamine infusions may help.

I would just like it to go away and stay away…


You describe how I feel perfectly. I tap on my chest, mimicking a heartbeat to distract from the shaking. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m seeing a neurosurgeon soon for his take on how my Failed Back Surgery Syndrome may play into my symptoms, and get some direction. I hope you’re managing okay!


I’m sorry you are experiencing the same thing. I’ll be very interested to hear what your neurosurgeon says about the situation.

I’m also sorry to hear about the Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. I have a neck injury that requires surgery, but with all my other issues, I’m putting it off.

I’m going to try the chest tapping and see if that helps to distract me. Thanks for sharing that!

I’m managing, drives me nutty at times… :crazy_face:

Wishing you the best!

I get these vibrations as well used only to be in the chest as if my heart was shaking but soon realised my heartbeat was separate now feel them all over legs arms and sometimes face, just as Im waking up very strange…

I get this too. Rarely actual shaking, unless I have one of my random fevers, which is apparently also a thing I have to deal with now I have this horrid condition. I’ve had this since 2016 and not taking any medication apart from levothyroxine for my thyroid. But that’s about to change soon, I’m waiting for an app with our main UK specialist and hoping he will put me on one of the tricyclics. Hoping this will be one of the ones that goes away. It’s so annoying when it comes on. Usually when I’m trying to get to sleep.

You will all have to bear with me on this one because I’m not sure what it being talked about or indeed if everybody is referring to the same/similar things. I experience the autonomous symptom of feeling shivery, ‘just about to go down with flu’ type symptom which every attack. Having trouble relating this to internal vibrations of the organs and must particularly the heart which must unnerving indeed scary.

I’ve just tracked around the internet and come to the conclusion these body vibrations must be some sort of internal essential tremor. So far cannot pick up on any link with VM other than it affects the cerebellum same area of the brain.which may be all that’s needed. I’ve no idea. I did experience an external tremor of my left foot, very often and very visible, audible even the tapping as it regularly shuffled about independently most noticeably whilst I was standing still preparing meals. It stopped completely once I was on Propranolol which it appears is a known ET treatment as it so happens.

From the very little I’ve read lack of movement will prompt tremors which may explain why people wake up with the feeling. My, what odd symptoms we have to contend with at times.

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Thanks for this comment and the link to the article, Helen.

The only time I don’t have the vibrations is when I first wake up. Perplexed, I read the article that mentioned beta blockers. I looked up my night meds and found an alpha-1 blocker in the mix that might explain my situation.

Good info, thanks again!

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Hi y’all! Happy New Year! Those vibrations I was getting stopped after I moved to a state with less stress! I moved away from my daughters dad who did nothing but put me through high stress, high conflict CoParenting and Domestic Violence. I stopped taking a Med called Lamotrigine and now I take Pristiq an antidepressant. Hope this helps!

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Congratulations and thanks for the information!

My vibrations have decreased incredibly since my spinal surgery to stabilize a fractured vertebrae.