Boston Area Docs

Hi Everyone,

Newbie here! It seems like there are some Boston area people here, and I was wondering how you all are finding the care available locally. Are there any favorite doctors? Any to avoid?

Right now I am seeing Dr. Lewis out of MEEI. It seems like his patient list is huge because I can barely get in (also my health insurance is making everything take suuuuuper long). I also realized that the author of Migraine Brain, Dr. Bernstein, works at CHA in Cambridge - so maybe she would be good to see?

I frankly feel like I am in this limbo land because I’m waiting for a second appointment, with only material to read and a diet to stick to in the meantime.

Thanks for your input!


You’re lucky to be in Boston - you’ve got many good facilities to choose from.

That said, two of the top experts in the country are also at MEEI: Dr. Adrian Priesol and Dr. Steven Rauch.

I see Dr Priesol at Mass Eye & Ear. He’s very good with patients and getting you in quickly for appointments. Also has done a tonne of studies on MAV and related illnesses

If you can get a referral to him I’d recommend trying him out

Also heard good things about Steven Rauch but have no personal experience with him

I’d say go for Dr. Priesol since he’s more on the neurology side of it. Dr. Priesol and Dr. Rauch bounce questions off each other from time to time, however, Dr. Rauch is more focused on ear surgery aspect as opposed to absolute neurological aspect.