Well here we go after seeing Dr. Brown he thinks I have some type of virus that caused me to have this horbile dizziness, off balance, headaches and so forth that left me this way and there’s nothing I can do about it. So I am having a hard time dealing with this as I can’t drive and have lost my job due to not being able to function, if I could get just 2 good days in a row of feeling good I wouldn’t know what to do with myself and I don’t understand why one day I feel so good and the next day I can feel so bad when I didn’t change anything.
So Thursday I am going to try Botox to see if it will help, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
Thanks for letting me vent!

Hi there,

Let us know how the Botox goes. The evidence looks promising for some people with this. Not sure what it can do for MAV however.

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hi just wondering if you can update the board about this after a few weeks of having it done. ive got terrible vertigo for 3.5 yrs and am thinking of trying it. i dont have much money but if theres a chance it could help ill scrap it up. so could you let us know what effect its got on the vertigo? thats my main complaint i could live with the headaches but not the vertigo :?

I was told by a dermatologist that botox worked for headaches, and while I do get headaches, my main problem is the 24/7 dizziness. Please let us know if it works on your dizzy symptoms. Good luck!! I sincerely hope it works for you!

For me, losing a few wrinkles would be a good thing too :slight_smile:

Since having it done on Thursday I have noticed a difference already and the Dr. did say I would pretty fast. The dizziness is not as intense I don’t feel like I’m on a roller coaster of diziness all day it’s leveled itself out and I feel steady all day. Infact I went into a store with my husband and did ok without feeling like crap afterwards. I’ve had 3 good days in a row now, I have not had 3 good days within the last year.
I had a lot of head pressure everyday, since the botox it’s not as bad it’s still there hasen’t gone away completely but not as intense so I tell myself I can live with it.
I feel like the botox has helped me with the dizziness I feel like I’m walking on a level ground and the head pressure I’m just not sure how long this will last, but I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

Good for you!! :smiley: Please keep us updated with effects and how long it’s lasting for you.


Can I ask you whereabouts on your scalp/face you had the injections? And was the Botox given by someone with special training in migration treatment?


Dizzy Izzy

Yes the botox was given by a Neurologist who is a migraine doctor and I had the injections in my forehead, neck, back of head, top of head side of head she probably gave me about 15 to 20 injections.

hi i have have looked into this and here in australia its going to cost 800 to $900, through a neuro. Im not sure if theres any rebate by medicare, im trying to find out, i dont have private insurance. If any one knows that would be great. They say its needed every 3 months or so. Im heavily considering this as doing the med thing does my head in. At least id know if it doesnt work that meds are the only option. But bloodly expensive “trial” gee what we are willing to do to get rid of the spins! not to mention i freak with needles i wonder if i could even sit through it :roll:


I have just had my second Botox treatment in the last 6 months with my neurologist, Dr. Chang (Santa Monica, CA) and I have about 70% improvement, taking NO MEDS. Previous to that I had chronic dizziness for 6 years and was taking .5 mg of Klonipin daily which really did not do much. I had tried other meds but the effects were not good and the dizziness was not improved to any noticeable degree.
I tried many alternative treatments with limited success. Prior to trying the botox, she did a nerve block of the supraorbital and surpracochlear nerves (bilateral) It was truly amazing as I was symptom free for about 2 weeks (longer than typical) This result made her want to do a fluroguided nerve block with ultrasound guidance; a more permanent solution. However, my insurance company would not approve it, at first, as it is an “out of the box” treatment. So while waiting for approval, we did the botox with such good results that I might opt out of the nerve block even though it has now been approved by the insurance company. I have about 9 months to make that decision before the approval expires.

Someone on this blog asked where the botox was injected. This is how it was administered on me:

**100 Units were split as follows:

Procerus: 5 units
Corrugators: 5 units each
Frontalis: 15 units each
Temporalis: 15 units each
Around eyes: 10 Units each
Masseters: 15 units each**

Hope this helps someone. I know that we are all different. My diagnosis is Vertiginous Migraine without headache. I don’t know that botox will work for all, but for me it has been a Godsend. The brain fog is finally gone :smiley: I think I hated that the most.

Best wishes to all!

WOW I didn’t realize Botox was an option for people like us!!! Has anyone else tried it??? I would be willing to try anything to get ride of the dizziness!