I was finally approved for Botox for my migraines. Nothing else has been effective. My coworkers who work in the medical field were so freaked out that I was getting this done. There were roughly 30-40 injections to my face, head, neck and shoulders. I was in and out of the exam room in under ten minutes. It was mildly uncomfortable. It was like a quick bee sting similiar to getting lidocaine. The doctor said that it will take a minimum of 7-10 days to be effective. I have also heard that some people do not have success until after their second trial which is in three months. I really, really hope this works. I would love to be able to stop some of my other meds. I am currently taking Atenolol 50mg 2/x a day, Loseasonique (birth control) daily, CoQ10 daily, Magnesium 500mg daily, D3 daily, B12 1500mcg daily, B2 200mg daily, Prozac 20mg daily, and Clonazepam .125mg 2/x a day.

The Clonazapam was just started this past March and has greatly decreased the intensity of my migraines and my dizziness is almost completely gone. I get the occasional spin that lasts less than a second.

I still have to take Decadron to get rid of the migraine. This has been the only medication that has gotten rid of it. But they hate me being on steroids even if it is in as needed doses and not daily. I get a migraine every 7-10 days. They used to be severe and kept me in bed for 72 hours with a migracap on my head and an frozen gel pack behind my neck. I wanted to drill a hole in my head to release the pressure. Now I can get rid of them in 24 hours with just the decadron. I am rarely bedridden with them. The pressure in no where near as severe. I would call it tolerable. I still feel miserable but I am not as sensitive. So this is a huge improvement. But like everyone here I want them banished. So insurance finally approved the Botox. Time will tell. It has been six days. I had one extremely mild migraine 4 days after the Botox but I had a lot of possible aggravating factors that day. One dose of Decadron got rid of it in a couple hours as opposed to 3-4 doses. I will keep you all posted.


I would be really, really interested to hear how this goes. I have heard that Dr Silver who is big in the field says in 25% of patients it gets rid of the migraine completely. Which would be amazing - imagine that. I am just trialling yet another drug and having a miserable time with it. The drug I take doesn’t control the condition completely, so am thinking about botox, anyway, as I said would love to hear how it goes.


I’ve had “trigger point” injections which is very similar. I’ll be honest, they hurt like hell. About 40 needles all over your face, neck and scalp but they did seem to help the headaches. I’ve thought a lot about trying Botox. Please let us know how it goes. Good luck!

Admittedly, they did sting. But as I explained to a non-migraneur. 5-10 minutes of bee stings every three months or 3 days of being holed up in a dark room covered in ice packs. Wishing for the pressure to release before my head explodes.

I really hope it works for me and many others. I promise to update weekly. What was injected into trigger points?

So far so good. No migraines. Only two minor headaches.

My biggest problem with the Botox is that it affected my left eye. I cannot move my eyebrow. The muscles have completely relaxed and I have no control. I can blink but my eyelid is also a bit swollen. The doctor says it should go away in a fee weeks. I did not know that this was a possible side effect. But even if I had I still would have taken my chances. I have no regrets so far. However, if I had paid for Botox for wrinkles and ended up like this I would be very angry. It looks ridiculous.

I will continue with updates.

It has been over a month and I am still migraine free. Last night I was really stressed and could feel spasms in the top of my head where I was not injected. It was weird but not painful. Still am unable to raise my left eyebrow. Guess that means the Botox is still actively working. I am due for my next dose in September.

Hi, its great that your migraine has been reduced by the Botox. Did or do you suffer with dizziness as well and has the Botox helped this?


I was suffering from dizziness and went to see a balance disorder specialist. He started me on low dose Klonopin and it has virtually eliminated it.

I have not updated because thankfully there has been not much to report. A tolerable headache every week or two but nothing debilitating. Had my first post Botox migraine this past Saturday on August 11th. Received the Botox June 6th. Due for next dose in September. Will continue to update.

Okay, my migraines returned about 2 weeks ago but my three months of Botox was almost over. I just received my second dose of Botox today. I have been told that most people see their best response on their second round. Overall, I have been pleased with the results.

Great reading over your posts. Admittedly I laughed a bit at the part about paying for it for wrinkles.

Have you heard if this helps with dizziness and not just pain?


Wow. If this helps with the tension and dizzys, AND makes me look 20 again? I’m goin’ for it :smiley:

But seriously, if this helps what a boon it will be for some people.

Not sure about it helping with dizziness but it sure has decreased my pain.

Okay. I had my second round of Botox sept 6th and no further headaches or migraines since. Hopefully it will continue to work. Next dose is due Dec 10. Should be kicking in right before Christmas. The stress of the holidays and the smells and changes in temp from indoors to out and back all affect me.