Bouncing vision

I have a quick question… I been researching VM and the one thing that I suffer with isn’t listed as a long standing symptom…. I have had bouncing vision (when walking) thats has lasted roughly 6 months it has never gone away not even for a minute and as I sit here reading research papers on VM it seems vertigo (which Im guessing is my bouncing vision) has been studied and said to last minutes to 72 hours I can’t locate anything that says it can last months…. In case anyone cares I was also diagnosed with Meineres disease over 20 yrs ago and never have I suffered with bouncing vision.

It’s a common symptom we see here.

“Bouncing vision” is not the same as “vertigo” though.

But whatever you do, don’t self-diagnose! Talk to a professional :).

Sorry late response … I’m not self diagnosing Im trying to understand the possibility of having VM and not knowing it. I don’t understand why I have bouncing vision ……but the good news is Im off to see a neurologist ophthalmologist hopefully this person can help me or send me to someone else who can help… doctor chasing is where Im at right now.

bouncing vision…does it look like things are bouncing? have you seen your eyes move abnormally in the mirror?

if the latter sounds like nystagmus, which is jittery motion of the eyes that can be caused by lots of things.

i get horizontal nystagmus during particularly bad VM attacks

Yes, when I walk things that Im looking at bounce(not wildly)just bobble and sometimes things Im seeing as I walk look like they are shimmering both cause trouble when I walk but nighttime walking is absolutely impossible. I do occasionally get these weird eye pains that feel like my eyeballs are ripping open. I have had many eye exams and 2 eye doctors said one eye is slightly higher than the other and I have common early start of cataracts…. However the eye doctor I saw 2 weeks ago said I don’t have cataracts and my eyes are symmetrical …. I don’t know who is correct the 2 Ophthalmologist I saw 2 and 4 years ago or this ophthalmologist from 2 weeks ago …… I do have horrendous migraines (knock on wood) haven’t had one in a month.

In which case I’m going to change the title of this Topic to focus more on the symptom and less on the diagnosis!

Btw, nystagmus and bouncing vision are associated with dysfunction of the Vestibular Ocular Reflex as I pointed out before.

VM can come with a fair share of visual issues (from what i have been reading over the years). I myself experience them everyday, and was for years sure that its my eyes until I accepted that VM is the underlying issue which then causes my eyes to not function accurately.
What do you define as bouncy btw? Is it that when you focus on an object, your focus moves away or do you have some type of oscillating motion?

When I say my vision bounces I mean everything Im looking at as Im walking moves up and down (not wildly or fast) just enough to cause a fall. The one thing I can’t do is walk at night anymore it’s impossible…. This all occurred roughly 6 months ago prior to this vision issue I was suffering with more frequent and longer migraine attacks.

There was a phase during which my vision would seem to swing from side to side (does that count as a bounce?).

This was completely resolved by taking Amitriptyline at 20mg nocte which also eliminated the eye nystagmus/strain/pain and issues watching video.

(FYI I was diagnosed with Migraine Associated Vertigo (MAV) and alternatively Secondary Hydrops)

I can move my eyes back and forth without having thing’s bouncing….its moving my eyes up and down that causes the bouncing vision as you can imagine walking does cause eyes to go up and down or at least mine do as I try to avoid tripping or looking what’s in front of me… I only look side to side when for example crossing a street or looking at something or someone in my side view. … As I said before I do have Meinere’s disease diagnosed 20+ years ago and this vision thing is something I have never dealt with before… very new issue and so are the migraines which I started suffering with those after I had thyroidectomy for cancer 7 years ago.

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What you’re experiencing is called oscillopsia, it’s very common with many vestibular disorders. It happens to me a lot when I am walking. Gaze stabilization exercises can help with this. I did lot of VOR exercises with my physical therapist and it helped a lot with mine. My diagnosis is bilateral vestibular hypofunction and VM. I also have a thin temporal bone on my right side so I have some mild SCDS symptoms as well, so it’s hard to tell which issue causes which symptom for me. Either way, some vestibular therapy with gaze exercises could be helpful for you.


hey – welcome. interesting that physical therapy helped a lot for you – would you consider your VM under control?

I have also had vision issues that have gotten significantly worse with each major VM flare-up. I was referred to a neuro-opthalmologist whose practice focuses on patients with brain-related vision problems like vestibular disorders, traumatic brain injuries, etc. He prescribed special lenses and intense vision therapy. It has helped me quite a bit. Ask your doc if that might be an option for you.

Yes, it’s somewhat under control, just not gone completely unfortunately. But I would definitely consider it well-managed, and I can live like 90% normally. My flare ups are a lot milder than they were in the beginning for me, and a lot less frequent.


Nice – same here. I’ll take 90% for now – game ain’t over yet


Keep hanging in there!!