"Bow Hunter Syndrome" (Rotation Vertebral Artery Syndrome)

From the Washington Post’s “Medical Mysteries” column.

Hours after a massage, a professor was wildly dizzy and deaf in one ear



Great article, thank you for posting it @Manatee.

But what I find interesting is the following: “The June 2020 surgery, which also involved shoring up the artery, was successful, but did not substantially reduce Cutter’s vertigo, for reasons that were unclear. The hearing in her affected ear remained poor and the tinnitus constant.”

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I remember my oto-neurologist telling me never to have a neck massage, but she never explained why. Turns out she was right, I suspect.

I had a resumption of my symptoms (after years of break) after manipulation of jaw muscles by my dentist (he was literally squeezing them like a lemon!)

I’m personally convinced there is some issue with increased pressure within the ear (most likely inner ear) that increases its intolerance from interference from the rest of the body and after onset (from whatever cause - stress?), it takes a long time to reverse. Things outside the ear that used not to interfere with the senses of both balance and hearing, now do. Ever heard your heartbeat? Increase in tinnitus when you clench your jaw?

Perhaps she had hydrops? (Menieres, that one doctor diagnosed her with, is but one condition that can involve hydrops).

Losing your hearing in this way is catastrophic, poor woman!

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Few months back, I got a sudden stretch on my neck, and after that I had balance issues. There must be some connection between the neck and the inner ear.

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