Bppv in children- my six year old is dizzy

Do any of you know if Bppv can happen in children? My six year old daughter has had a lot of ear infections and has mild hearing loss. A couple of months ago she told me she was dizzy. She was staggering down the hall and needed me to help her walk. Honestly, I thought she was just trying to act like mommy does(dizzy all the time) but then she started to vomit. After that she was fine. Then last night she woke up at four am crying saying she was dizzy again. Very upset crying for about twenty minutes until she started to vomit again and then she was fine again. I don’t know what is going on with her. I’m taking her to the doctor tomorrow but I guess part of me is starting to freak out a little because of the history of her ear problems. As a mom, I never ever want my kids to ever have to go through any of the stuff we speak about on this forum.

Just a worried mommy,


With her history of ear infection and hearing loss it could be who knows what, but there are indeed migraine and BPPV variants in children.




Gosh, how awful to have to deal with that in a child. Good luck, and I hope it gets figured out quickly.


My daughter has had migrain attacks with vwertigo since she was 11 every 2 months. I know of other children also.
look here:
steadyhealth.com/Child_suffe … tification

Hope for you she will be fine.